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    Is this normal for a betta?

    He died a couple weeks ago :( he was old-ish and had bad fin rot
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    How to cycle tank with old filter media?

    Yeah the tank is cycled. I was just wondering if the aquarium salt and changing the substrate would affect it?
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    How to cycle tank with old filter media?

    Yesterday my betta passed away :( he was a good little fish and I'm sad that he won't be with me anymore, he was my little buddy. Anyways I had a question about cycling his old tank. I was using aquarium salt to treat his fin rot, and I was wondering if I should do a 100% water change then...
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    Want To Sell Bettas, BN Plecos, Rainbow fish etc

    would you ship to Canada?
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    What books are you reading?

    I've been wanting to read that since I saw the author on tiktok! It seems like a really good book I'll add it to the top of my list :)
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    What to do with tetras

    I have 2 glolight tetras in a 5 gallon tank, they're really small so I think they'll be okay for now until I can get a bigger tank. I'm just wondering if I should get more to make a school so they don't get stressed out, or is that too many tetras for a 5 gallon? Are they going to be okay until...
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    Gravel to sand question

    I'm rescaping my aquarium, which currently has gravel and I'm planning to switch it to sand. Will it be okay if I just replace the gravel or do I need to worry about beneficial bacteria?
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    How much salt should I dose?

    I ordered aquarium salt for my betta who has bad fin rot. It’ll arrive on monday. I’m using the article below to guide me, but I was wondering whether I should start with a level 2 or 3 treatment. Is his fin rot bad enough for level 3?
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    Came back to a fish nightmare

    done! hope they'll be okay
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    Came back to a fish nightmare

    I have absolutely no idea. Well, one neon tetra was 2 and a half years old so it might have been from old age. I'm sad but I guess I've just got to move on and save the other tetras.
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    Came back to a fish nightmare

    Ok thanks! I'll do another tiny water change in the morning and hope everything goes okay. I just added some indian almond leaves.
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    Came back to a fish nightmare

    I went on vacation for 6 days. Originally I was planning to leave the fish alone, no food. Yesterday my mom told me that the cleaner had stopped by our house, so I gave the cleaner instructions on how to feed the fish. Came back home and my betta's tank was full of pellets. Like so so many...
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    Betta filter and light reccomendations?

    Thanks! yes I'm setting up two 5 gallon tanks :) I haven't set up the tanks yet. Is 5 gallons too small? and are shrimp okay with bettas?
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