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    Castle Grayskull!

    Looks great. I'm glad it found a new home and enjoy it as much as I did.
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    Petco dollar per gallon question

    Anyone know when the next one is going to be?
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    European Ram?

    Looks like a regular German Blue Ram to me. Can't help you sexing it tho. You may want to post a more closer up picture of it to get that answer.
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    Scarlet Badis tankmate ideas?

    I keep emerald rasboras, CPDs, dwarf cories, ember tetras, RCS, and guppies with my four. But I have them all in a 60 gallon tank. They all get along fine. Maybe you can do a scaled down quantity of one of those types.
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    Smallest Type of Loach?

    Are Kuhlis the smallest type of Loach there is? Are there any pygmy or dwarf type of loaches?
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    FS: Jumbo Resin Castle Ornament

    please send me a zip code so that I can get an accurate shipping quote
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    Sexing Congo Tetras?

    Thanks for the link. By looking at those pics, now I am not sure if I have 2 females or just regular congo tetras. Is there a big difference in look of regular male congos and long finned versions?
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    Sexing Congo Tetras?

    I have a school of 6 Congo Tetras. 4 are long finned and 2 are regular. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between males and females?
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