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    Re-scaping Betta Tank

    Put a piece of manzanita wood in there and it will be awesome!
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    29g scape ideas

    Yea, it seems like the wood is going to be the feature so the stone you use will just be secondary. Therefore i feel like it should be a more boring stone so it doesn't take your attention away from the manzanita. Layout: research a convex layout. That's what this seems to be Plants...
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    Not happy with how my tank looks. How ugly is it?

    Ok so first off, it srsly looks cool rn. But, its clear you're not happy so I think i have some advice that I've learned. I think you have a serious lack of hardscape. (rocks, wood) The hardscape I feel like is more important than the plants and can lead your eye a lot easier than plants will...
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    Pleco turning off-white in some spots

    Just an update is seems to have dissipated on it's own. Idk what it was but its gone now lol
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    10 gallon interesting

    Looking for something different than just a community tank in my 10 gallon. Some cool niche fish or maybe an amphibian? Looking for something cool and different.
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    Need a centerpiece

    Big Electric Blue Acara!!!! They are amazing and super peaceful. Won't hurt a thing
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    Bleach Treat Aquarium

    Ok I might try that. Thank you so much!
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    Bleach Treat Aquarium

    Yea I agree. Definitely gonna have to recycle. The only thing is I'm afraid if I remove the plants than the Hydra will make its way of of the tank.
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    Bleach Treat Aquarium

    I had a nice tank but then it got Hydra. I moved all the livestock to different cycled aquariums. Ive still got the plants in the tank. A trusted person at my lfs told me to just use bleach to kill the hydra since I have no livestock it it. I was told to put 1/4 cup in my tank every 72 hrs and...
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    Advice on setting up temporary Shrimp tank

    If you have a fish store near you, go get some cycled media to put in the tank. Instant cycle kinda
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    Ok. Thanks for trying to help. Sorry if I misinterpreted. I probably did sound a little confusing.
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    Ok lol hold on a sec. The new bowl was obviously cycled. I've got my orange neocaridina colony. Don't be so quick to judge ppl. The Hydra is sad though.
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    I just built my shrimp a new bowl and moved them in yesterday afternoon. Today, I was checking the old tank to make sure there was no straggles, when I notice some Hydra. Do you think I'm ok bc I moved them, or should I treat the new tank? Also can I make sure plants are safe by bleach dipping?
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