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    Shrimp Mates For Bettas

    I have 5 Amano shrimp, 2 nerite snails, 3 black line tetras, and 3 neons. I have a very curious male Betta, he has always been kinda playful. He originally started rubbing up against plants in the tank as if he were being petted like a puppy. I started with a moss ball he did the same thing. I...
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    Shrimp Molt

    How often do they molt if they are berried up?
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    Are These Amano Shrimp Eggs?

    I have five Amano shrimp and four are with eggs! I have other tank mates in with them and they eat the eggs after they are expressed. The hatching process is too difficult for me but I have two friends that have success breeding them and hatching them to adults.
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    Green Shrimp

    It's beautiful!
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    Are My Snails Trying To Procreate?

    I think you may have been right and both were males. My beautiful golden snail has passed away. I think I'll be getting another sometime today. My tank just doesn't look the same without two large snails doing their thing.
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    Amano Shrimp With Eggs?

    Just discovered another Amano Shrimp fill up with eggs! ****!
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    Are My Snails Trying To Procreate?

    It's been over a month if them "piggy backing" and no eggs! Maybe I'm good and they just like each other's company A LOT! I don't mind at all, since I have two Amano Shrimp full of eggs! Here I was worried about the snails. I was happy to discover the eggs will only develop in brackish water...
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    Please Help.

    I'm so sorry, I was really hoping to hear good news on this.
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    Amano Shrimp With Eggs?

    I thought they were, but I've only had the shrimp for about 3 months. I wanted to make sure. I somehow managed to create a love tank! First my snails now my Shrimp. My friend told me she thinks I have a neon tetra with eggs.
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    Amano Shrimp With Eggs?

    I know Amano Shrimp need brackish water for their eggs to hatch and I don't have all of the equipment to provide that environment. I'm just wondering if it is with eggs. For two weeks I couldn't find one, it has been hiding very very well in a live plant that's attached to a tree root in my...
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    Are My Snails Trying To Procreate?

    Okay, I'll send the female to my boyfriend. He has a tank and I'm sure he can dispose of them easier than I would be able to. I'd have baby snail fever! OMG look how cute and adorable. Then be stuck with having to find homes and buying new tanks. Thank you so much, I appreciate all of the...
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    Are My Snails Trying To Procreate?

    Oh my! Okay, so I would feel awful destroying all of these babies. My tank has a Beta, neon tetras, black lined tetras, ghost shrimp, amano shrimp and two nerite horned snails. Will the inhabitants that I have in my tank eat the babies? What do people do if they end up with a increase in...
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    Are My Snails Trying To Procreate?

    They are mating, so how long does this ritual usual last? Is there anything special I should be doing? Or will the tank mates just eat them all?
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    Are My Snails Trying To Procreate?

    I have had my mystery snails for almost three months now. For approximately the last two to three weeks my golden has been hitching a ride very frequently on my ebony snail. I just want to make sure that there isn't some sort of domination or one is attacking the other. I'd hate for it to be...
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    Your Most Friendly Fish?

    . Believe it or not it's my male Beta. He's a curious little bugger. He swims up to every new addition and has brushed his fins against them. He seems to greet them all throughout the day in the same fashion. He even tries schooling with my tetras. Which now follow him around the tank which is a...
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