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    Where Does Your Betta Fish Sleep?

    Naturally, floating plants
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    Wood Tannins

    Personally I like brownish water. It feels natural. You can add charcoal if you want to get rid of the tannins.
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    Speeding Up Cycling

    Use probiotic like in EM (Effective Microorganism) technology
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    The cause of ich is stress. It's like common cold in humans. The meds actually help us to rest so our antibody can fight back. In case of fish, we need to improve water quality. If the fish are stress and they will prone to disease. I personally don't like to use chemical since I'm an organic...
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    Depressed Losing Fish Unkown Reason

    Isn't your ammonia is 0 ppm ? By the way, plecos bring a lot of poo and the higher the pH the more dangerous ammonia to fish
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    And feed with food that contain garlic to help ich to fall of. Ich commonly cause by stress. They are actually present at the tank, but if the fish stressed, their immune system drops (just like humans). And I forgot to mention probiotics . It really help to heal your tanks If the medicine can...
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    Betta Fish Not Swimming

    Sometimes fish dying because of stress. What cause his fin torn apart ?
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    Is Dried Bamboo Aquarium Safe?

    Actually not sure. But in most asian country, dried bamboo are used for irigation in farms and rice field. In my country, some farmer start to subtitute pvc pipe with bamboo for aquaponic system. I think their surface will promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.
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    If one of your fish got ich, you have to treat the whole tank. Go organic, use cattapa leaves. Soak it in the aquarium until the water becomes brown. If all of your fish are treated the you can leave it be for prevention and more natural looks. But if you want clear water, add active carbon into...
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    Am I Doing Too Many Water Changes During A Cycle?

    Beneficial bacteria (not just nitrification bacteria) are all over the tank, not just in aquarium filter. They even on the air. Mostly they colonize themselves on the rough surface like in the filter media, substrate, stone, and plant's root system. I always advice any aquarist to add live...
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    16l ~ 20l Tank For What Fish?

    You can add neon tetra or corydoras if you want. But don't add fin nipper like danio rerio or puntius tetrazona.
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    What Do You Think About This?

    This is a great topic ! Thanks for starting this discussion. Microbiology is very complex topics. I'm not a chemistry guy but I often talk about this with a friend which is phD in microbiology. And my brother also graduate from faculty of agriculture. They say that bacteria like nitrosomonas or...
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    Depressed Losing Fish Unkown Reason

    We're talking about living things that sometimes have anomalies. Just like humans, they can get sick or passed away eventhough they have very healthy life. Some people even are heavy smoker but can reach age of 100. Ecosystem is so complex, sometimes we can't even know what is really going on...
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    Betta Fish Not Swimming

    As far as I know, Betta splendens are not hyperactive fish except when they're another betta in the tank. They'll try to protect their territory or sometimes fighting if there's another male present. They tend to "rest" on the leaves or sometimes bottom of the tank if the tank are rich in...
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    Can High Ph (8.2) Lead To Fish Death?

    Use dry leaves of this plant. It will slowly lower your pH. It'll get your aquarium water brownish just like natural water in rainforrest jungle area. I will avoid chemical if I were you.

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