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    What Is The Scariest Thing To Happen To You?

    My sister smiled at me
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    A Happy Thread

    My dog likes to eat mosquitoes
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    Lake Water Nitrates

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    Help With Baby Catfish

    He does look like he have ammonia burns. Do you know about the nitrogen cycle? What sized tank is he in? Temperature? If he does have ammonia burns that that most likely is why he isn't eating. Try worms from you garden and see
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    Water Stains!!!! Uugghh!

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    Do you know what the nitrogen cycle is? Those stones WILL cause more problems than the sand.
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    Really Weird Cycle Process???

    Plants use ammonia to make food(debatable) but from past experience, plants consume ammonia in my aquariums.
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    i was thinking of this one
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    what kind of light would i need for a 3g planted tank? Probably gonna house some java ferns and java moss with some carpet plant?
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    Start Tank If You Know You'll Be Moving?

    cool. anyway if you want to know how i ship my fish in the caribbean region just pm me. They sometimes get shaken up and usually have 80% survival rate.
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    Start Tank If You Know You'll Be Moving? both. Its hard to decide between the 2
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    Start Tank If You Know You'll Be Moving?

    GO FOR IT. 2 years is alot. Get something hardy like goldfish maybe and when transporting is easy. I transported baby discus about 3-4 weeks old about 24 hours away over boat during a stormyish day. All survived. If you want to know about how i ship then pm me
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    Hong Kong’s Goldfish Street

    Their fishes are darned hardy. Probably hardier than in trinidad. For reference, in trinidad we don't need to acclimate, have to stress with fish dying, not eating, weak fish......i'm talking about 2 week old discus living in temperatures that fluctuate between 5-10 degrees celcius daily and...
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    Why So Much Sarcasm And Ridicule?

    some people are mean without knowing it(GUILTY) but we don't do it on purpose. Then to its hard to convey emotions over text so what sounds normal to the typer will sound really rude to the reader.....then to some people just don't care 50 years!!!!!!! Props to you bet you thought i was...
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    check them on youtube. I got hooked on their black panther song

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