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  1. Finished my 55!

    I finally finished my 55 gallon African cichlid tank! I have it connected to automated lighting with dimming dusk/dawn and moonlights, all controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. As for the fish, this is what's in there: -Yellow tail Acei -Yellow Lab -Rusty Cichlid -Maingano -Redfin Borleyi...
  2. Rockscaping

    So I have my 55 gallon up and running with a bunch of rocks in it for my mbuna. However, I want to add some more to get more height for the cave mass. The problem is that I don't want to have to take down the whole tank to do this, because I need to silicone it so it doesn't fall. Has...
  3. 55 Gallon Tank Tank is FINALLY Up :D

    Alright thanks. Looks like another weekend project
  4. 55 Gallon Tank Tank is FINALLY Up :D

    How do you suggest I add the rocks? I'm a little nervous about stacking them. Any techniques so I don't end up with a rock through the side of the tank?
  5. 55 Gallon Tank Tank is FINALLY Up :D

    I TOTALLY agree with the mansion analogy amerskye. I'm thinking it's going to look a lot smaller once the fish grow up and the tank is fully stocked. I'm going to have to resist the urge to get an even bigger tank
  6. 55 Gallon Tank Tank is FINALLY Up :D

    After a long time of waiting (touching up stand, cleaning, cycling, etc), the 55 tank/stand I got off Craigslist is finally up! I made it an mbuna only tank, although maybe I'll get a Rift Lake catfish or two. So far, here it is! I'd love to hear suggestions, since I'm debating whether to add...
  7. Light Bulb fell into Aquarium

    The very end of the light bulb often has a form a solder on it. Perhaps heavy metals leeched into the water, and your fish are dying from something similar to lead poisoning. Just a guess though.
  8. Do crystals affect water parameters?

    Quartz won't. The only thing I would worry about is a) certain rocks may increase silicates in the water, and b) rocks that increase hardness. To test for B, just add some vinegar to the rock. If it fizzes, it will increase the water hardness. But I'd say quartz is a safe option.
  9. Arduino Controlled Lighting System

    psalm: once I install mine and see how it works, I might actually sell some premade kits if enough people are interested. If I order the parts in bulk, the price should go down significantly crimson: that would definitely make the construction of the LED strip easier! The only issue I could...
  10. Help me build my own computer?

    I would say go for it if you were building a laptop or if you're really into a low power computer, since the main feature I see is lowered energy use. I'd say just stick with DDR2 for now. Although, maybe go for a Western Digital Raptor hard drive? It has 10k rpm for faster read/write times, so...
  11. Help me build my own computer?

    Make sure when buying a CPU to look at more than simply the cycle speed. You should also consider the front side bus speed among other factors, since it can act as a throttle if it's too low. Also, try taking a look at DDR3 memory. You may end up going for DDR2, but it's just another option.
  12. Arduino Controlled Lighting System

    Sorry its a little late but I made a circuit schematic for those who are interested. Its pretty easy, just don't burn yourselves soldering like I did
  13. First attempt at aquascaping with writers block..

    Once the plants grow in its going to look great. I would just suggest placing the rocks a little less together, since the way they are now seems a little artificial. Other than that, just give it some time and I bet it'll be awesome. As for the plants, I'd say fluorescent lighting is a must...
  14. New Cichlid Tank Set Up...i need help

    I used to have a pair of Bolivian Rams for a while. They're pretty easy to take care of, and will readily breed if you have a pair! Mine laid eggs and I got wigglers without any intervention. I would suggest only a single pair for that size though, along with a few dither fish (tetras, other...
  15. Help me build my own computer?

    As for the graphics card, you could always buy a really cheap one now, and then upgrade it later. A lot of the stuff you could buy cheap now just to get it running, and then upgrade later piece by piece. I'd try getting stuff off ebay. Just do research ahead of time so you know what the prices...

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