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  1. Cherry Shrimp Photos Only

    Not mine, sadly, but MAN. This lfs where I used to live has gotten some nice shrimp in since I moved. Even their reds are a lot brighter than they were.
  2. Stocking decided! Updates soon

    I got some dragon stone while out of town (im excited!! I've never had dragon stone at a lfs) and hopefully ill be getting some spiderwood soon. I've also ordered the finnex stingray, so now its just a waiting game for that. Substrate is all good, the back is painted black... now I just need to...
  3. 180 reboot

    Looking forwards to see how this goes!
  4. Stocking decided! Updates soon

    Rethinking the stocking a little bit Do any of y'all think that pygmy cories would be a good idea? I'd probably lower the endler stock down to 2 (maybe even just 1, but I think two of them would be better) and get 7 pygmy cories. My substrate is sand so theres no worries with gravel.
  5. New to the forum. Hi!

    Hey there, welcome!
  6. Stocking decided! Updates soon

    Thanks! I'll definitely be going with the stingray. On another note, I'm onto deciding about plants. I've got some java moss I'll plop in. I'm definitely going to snag some hornwort. Maybe some pennywort too?? I am definitely aiming towards getting duckweed but I seem to be just about the...
  7. Question Large growth on side of Stendker Discus....

    I'm not super big on discus but it could be a tumor? I'd get someone else's opinion over mine though.
  8. Stocking decided! Updates soon

    Yeah, I'm just getting 4 or 5 males. And I'm certainly aware that they'll go after baby shrimp, I'm going to make sure that they've got plenty of hiding places.
  9. What's the next fish you're getting?

    5 male endlers! I'm also planning on some rcs and a pagoda snail. Can't get too ahead of myself though- the tank isn't even set up yet.
  10. Stocking 30 gallon hex

    Emerald cory is just another name for bronze! It gets very confusing when multiple names for the same fish are brought in. Theyre also called wavy catfish and lightspot corydora.
  11. Stocking 30 gallon hex

    To add to this, if you want to have two different looks of cories, you can have albino cories and bronze cories- they're the same species, so they'll school as normal.
  12. Stocking 30 gallon hex

    Dwarf gourami are great looking, they'd be a nice centerpiece. For schooling fish, harlequin rasboras could be nice. So maybe, ×1 dwarf gourami ×15 harlequin rasboras In place of the rasboras you could go for cardinal tetras too. I think they go well with the standard dwarf gourami morph bc of...
  13. Stocking decided! Updates soon

    Juuust a couple more questions from me 1. Does anyone have any links to a spot to order strip LEDs or a brand that I should look for? 2. Any foods yall would recommend other than boiled veggies? This goes for both the shrimp and endlers. 3. Would squeezing a cycled sponge filter onto an...
  14. Stocking decided! Updates soon

    I've already decided on the fish I am getting. And as mentioned, my tank is 10 gallons. Yeah tbh I've been back and forth about that. Might get 5 male endlers and call it a day. I'd get the shrimp beforehand to give them a chance to settle in. I'm gonna be getting some reds from my lfs, they've...
  15. Stocking decided! Updates soon

    I am not interested in tetras right now. My tank is only 10 gallons anyways. Maybe some day.

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