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    Seachem Purigen Lowering Nitrates?

    Seems like this was it. I tested the nitrates with the new test kit and got 20ppm, but at least the purigen is keeping it down. Without it the nitrates it would have been 40+ by now.
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    Seachem Purigen Lowering Nitrates?

    I mainly bought it to see if it would help stop brown diatoms from spreading on my decor but it doesn't. I did have some weird white dust particles floating around in there also but it cleared those up.
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    Seachem Purigen Lowering Nitrates?

    Yup, I always shake the 2nd bottle for 30 seconds then then the test tube for a full minute after adding. I ordered another pack of the Nitrate test and should get it in a couple of days, so I'll test again and post an update.
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    Question Aquarium Gloves?

    I've been using these gloves since I started my first tank almost a year ago now: They can get a little smelly on the outside but I just rinse them off with tap water and let them dry when I'm done...
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    Seachem Purigen Lowering Nitrates?

    I added a small bag of Seachem Purigen to my filter 2 weeks ago and my nitrates were at 20ppm. Today I tested expecting it to be around 20ppm+ and they were at 5ppm! I'm wondering if my test kit (API Freshwater Kit) is giving false readings since it's down to its final drops or if Purigen does...
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    Question Can I Place My Bio Filter Anywhere Else But The Filter?

    I have an Aquaclear 50 HOB filter with 1 sponge and 2 Biomax filters on top of it. I purchased a small bag of Seachem Purigen to add inside but I don't have enough room for it, especially if it expands over time. I'm wondering if I can take out one of my Biomax filters and put it somewhere...
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    Store Brand Food For Catfish?

    I have some otocinclus catfish and I fed them Hikari Algae Wafers for about a week and now they don't seem to touch it anymore. I give them raw zucchini and cucumber also but they just seem to nibble on it at times. They seem to be surviving off the algae in the tank right now. I wanted to know...
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    What's Your Most Useful Non-aquarium Tool (for Aquarium Use)?

    I used a stainless steel fork to hold down some zucchini for my new Otos but they're more interested in the fork than the food xD
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    No Heater Club

    I only started fish keeping this past winter and only used my heater for help with cycling. I read stories about them bursting and stuff and it almost scared me to the point to just give the whole thing up, but then I found out about danios and other cold water fish that didn't need one so then...
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    Question Intentionally Growing Algae For Otocinclus?

    I put in a slice of raw zucchini today to try that out first. I only noticed one of the oto's sort of taste test it and then swam away. I'll continue to keep an eye on them and I'll try a blanched piece tomorrow.
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    One Oto For Brown Diatoms?

    I'll have to do some Nitrate tests with the smaller water changes to see the difference it makes. I know when I do my 3-week 70-80% water change it usually goes from around 40ppm to 10. They're quickly getting rid of all the brown diatoms and always skimming the glass. I had to tip over some of...
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    One Oto For Brown Diatoms?

    I went against my own word and couldn't resist getting the oto's. I called my LFS to see if they had them in stock and surprisingly they had a bunch of them, so I picked up 3 the next week. They've been in my tank for three days and seem to be doing better than expected so far, so I'm hoping for...
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    Question Intentionally Growing Algae For Otocinclus?

    I have 3 Oto Catfish in my tank and they've eaten almost all of the brown diatoms that were present. I gave them some algae wafers and they nibble at it little by little but don't seem too interested. I want to add more algae for them and I've read that I could leave some rocks out in the sun...
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    What's Your Favorite Kind Of Fish?

    I wish I could get a betta but I don't have anywhere to put another tank, even a small one, and it would be too dangerous with my current fish. Sadly the only time I ever had a betta was when I was a kid and didn't care for fish properly so it didn't last longer than a day, but they are so cool...
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    Help Danio Stuck In Castle Hole?

    I'm pretty sure any of my other fish could squeeze through the hole but this yellow danio has gotten so fat over the past couple of months. I'll cover up the hole in case he does try to do it again. I wish I could simply say "Bad Dog!" and teach him a lesson xD

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