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    10 Gallon Tank CPDs or Chili Rasboras?

    I keep and spawn CPDs. I am a bit fond of them over chilis.... But buying in person is your safest bet, I have ordered and purchased in person and all but once ordering was perfectly healthy. The one not healthy group was gram negative bacteria, they looked fine acclimated fine and 5 of 13 were...
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    10 Gallon Tank Ph is reading 7.4 through 7.8 in a tank I'm cycling. I have well water from a natural spring and its about the same.

    I breed and raise CPDs. My tap is 8.2 They do have a bit higher hatch and survival rate when I RODI and remineralize but beyond that I find no difference in life span, activity or health at my tap parameters.
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    Nerites dying, update

    Have you ever used any sort of parasite treatment in that tank or if you have live plants were they treated for parasites? Nerites are sensitive to most any parasitic treatments, even those which do not contain copper.
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    Desperate for HELP! Suspended Particles Snowstorm Freshwater Planted Tank

    Not necessarily your issue but I had dragon rock and the same issue pulled the rock. Later went to try it again and found the culprit cleaning them after sitting. At least in my situation it worked. I soaked them a while I don't know how long anymore but a few days at least and when I went to...
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    Which Fish To Stock First?

    I'd move the existing fish. A move to a new 65g tank versus a stint in a 5 gallon bucket is considerably less stressful as they'll immediately be able to find somewhere to hide out rather than being cramped in a tiny space with all their friends and enemies with no where to go.
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    API pH down?

    Its not permanent either. Hook it up run your zero water and let it drain store in a 5 gallon bucket in the closet. Cheaper on Amazon and other online retailers than direct which is what I've linked. I have the full RODI and you can add DI later to keep it a few bucks cheaper up front. Filters...
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    API pH down?

    I don't either but the little RO buddy units are only like $45 and in short order it will be significantly cheaper than buying tons of cones and leaves and much faster than waiting for new water soak up the tannins enough to lower the ph.
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    PH and KH levels after crushed coral

    Unless your fish are wild caught they will be fine at the measurements you have. Even wild caught should do well with proper acclimation your kh will be the biggest factor and for those fish you are well within their range.
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    API pH down?

    Chemicals to control ph are almost always a bad idea especially when going lower from a high oh as it will yes lower your ph.... temporarily... and will bounce right back. I ran myself a little test scenario on my tap in a 20 gallon tank a couple years ago. API ph down I used 16 times the...
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    Sick and Tired of Bad pH

    7.8 is not a bad ph. Mine is 8.2 and I moved here after having 7.2-7.6 for over 20 years.... Proper research and acclimation and most fish especially those commonly available will be fine.
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    How do I reseal an aquarium?

    I would recommend waiting until the smell is gone to stress test or fill in any regard. I know instructions often say 24 hours, but I've been in the hobby 30+ years and sealing tanks for 25 of them and it's better just to wait the extra couple days.
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    Help, can’t get ammonia down!

    With a ph under 6 that ammonia is just almost entirely harmless ammonium. That's why your fish aren't harmed and also why your tank isn't cycling. If its stable leave it be. Large water changes may actually cause your ph to spike depending on the actual ph of your source water. I assume that...
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    Help, can’t get ammonia down!

    Also what's the ph of your water?
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    Dead Snail Disposal

    I live in the desert I pitch them in a neglected corner of my garden.... by the end of the day the fire ants (why that corner is neglected) have disposed of everything but the shell and the shell doesn't stick around long either I think the crows might pack them off.
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    Promoting anaerobic bacteria?

    This can definitely be true... If you have decaying organics under the soil that can be a primary indicator that you have an issue. Long time mentor of mine told me years ago the best way to know of you have good or bad substrate is 2 fold.... 1- If you have small bubbles even many in one area...
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