Sean Smith

Jun 15, 1999 (Age: 21)
Work on a farm,breed freshwater animals,in college
Yes I quarantine my fish for at least a couple weeks to make sure they don't have any illnesses.
List any water conditioners and test kits used:
I don't use anything special . College kid here so I use what's on sale
5 to 10 years
Do you know about the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle?
Aquarium Size
70 gallon
Aquarium Type
Freshwater Planted Tank
Aquarium #2 Size
10 gallon breeder tank
Tank #2 Type
Freshwater Planted Tank
Tank #2 Temperature
Typically 80 for betta breeding
Aquarium #3 Size
3 gallon medic tank
Tank #3 Type
Freshwater Planted Tank



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