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    Spotted a singular hydra

    Personally, i fell in love with keeping hydras in aquariums with other fish. However, they are a problem if you want to breed shrimp so it is a good idea to not keep them in the same aquarium.
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    New 20 Gallon Stocking Options

    I couldn't agree more fully
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    New 20 Gallon Stocking Options

    Even though i keep plenty of chiclids and other tropical fish, i will probably never get a goldfish anytime soon because they seem to produce a massive waste load and get quite large. I think that anything smaller than a 75 gallon is not going to provide all of the needs that fish requires...
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    Singular cloudy eye in African peacock chiclid

    In my 55 gallon mixed chiclid tank, one of my peacocks developed a cloudy popeye. After a few days, though, the swollen eye receded and looked like just a cloudy eye. Despite the fish seemingly recovering, the eyeball became even less cloudy but it is now as flat as paper. The fish has a huge...
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    Who am I??

    That fish looks like a red devil or some close relative, and if you are housing it in a small community tank I advise you remove it. They are large predatory chiclids that can exceed 12 inches in length and needs a 55 gallon minimum tank size. I often hear that they are very personable fish that...
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    Hundreds of hitchhikers in cycling tank

    The invaders seem to be a collection of different small crustacean species, including water fleas and copepods. They, along with other aquarium creatures like detritus worms and flatworms are the aquarium's cleanup crew.
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    Green sunfish tank care

    Bass are in the sunfish family, but green sunfish are much more manageable for smaller aquariums than other sunfish like bluegills.
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    What is in my aquarium?

    Nerite snails are related to limpets, but can only breed if aquarium water has more salinity. If you have a nerite snails in the tank, you did something that most fish keepers find challenging. This could also be a freshwater limpet, which is just as impressive.
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    Mysterious Critter

    No, when i look at it it still is a young individual.
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    Green sunfish tank care

    These are definitely not my sunfish (mine is only a baby) but I just wanted to show you how cool they are.
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    Green sunfish tank care

    Not where I live! The air gets 115 degrees often in the summer, with water temps over 80 degrees.
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    Green sunfish tank care

    I live in AZ, so i bet they are even more tolerant of high temps than your population.
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    Yellow lab minimum tank size

    If have a tank over 55 gallons, you could put many individuals in the same tank along with tank mates such as other chiclids or catfish. It is best to overstock an African chiclid tanks to control aggression. These fish and one of the easiest chiclids to keep due to their manageable size and...
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    Yellow lab minimum tank size

    No, they are aggressive and often attack their tank mates. Delicate fish like angelfish or tetras can get beat up if housed together with a yellow lab. It is best if you only keep them with more aggressive, sturdy fish. You could put it in your 29, there is no harm in that. However, dont go...
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    Green sunfish tank care

    I heard that they can live in temperatures up to 76 degrees F, and I have seen people keeping them with African/south american chiclids.
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