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It starts off with one small 5 Gallon with a couple of small fish and you never have any money again :p

My tanks change regularly so listing them would be a waste of time. I'll just say I have too many.

I also have a mouse in a bin cage named Chuck. He's adorable!

Fishkeeping is a real addictive hobby :confused: An MTS is real
In the clouds...
2x 8g Tub Setup with Filter, Heater, and plenty of hides.
List any water conditioners and test kits used:
API Water Conditioner, Nutrafin Biological Aquarium Supplement, API Quick Start, API Stress Coat, Seachem Stability, Aqua One pH Test Kit, API Nitrite Test Kit, API Ammonia Test Kit
4 years
Do you know of and understand the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle?
Aquarium Size
#1 5.5 Gallon
Aquarium Type
Freshwater Fish Only
Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
Mystery Snail
Aquarium Start Date
1 March 2020
80 Degrees Fahrenheit
#2 No light yet, will get a clip on one soon
Aquarium Filter Type
#2 60L Breeder Sponge Filter
Aquarium #2 Size
12.5 Gallon
Tank #2 Type
Freshwater Fish Only
Tank #2 Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
Tank #2 Start Date
7 December 2019
Tank #2 Ammonia
Tank #2 Nitrite
Tank #2 Temperature
60 Degrees Fahrenheit
Tank #2 pH
Tank #2 Lighting
Standard Bright Aquarium Light, came with tank
Tank #2 Filter Type
Sponge Filter (100L)
Aquarium #3 Size
40 Gallons/20 Gallons
Tank #3 Type
Freshwater Fish Only
Tank #3 Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
2 Female Axolotls/1 Male Axolotl
Tank #3 Start Date
27 December 2019/October 2020
Tank #3 Ammonia
Tank #3 Nitrite
Tank #3 Temperature
60 Degrees Fahrenheit
Tank #3 Lighting
Tank #3 Filter Type
2 100L Sponge Filters/55 Gallon Twin Sponge Filter


1. Hide any and ALL fish store receipts! 2. ALWAYS cycle your tank. No exceptions 3. Seeding media is the easiest way... 4. A water change works wonders. 5. Don't start dosing with 100 meds before you know what's wrong 6. Algae won't kill you. 7. Rather have an under stocked tank than an overstocked tank. 8. Testing your water will probably help figure out what's going on. 9. Do your research and read tons. Ask questions. Find out heaps before taking on the responsibility of caring for an animal. You'll be grateful if you do. and 10. Just enjoy these opportunities


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