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    Desert Goby?

    They would have shorter lifespans at the high temperature needed for a betta and would more than likely make a meal of your endlers eventually. Gobies generally shouldn't be kept with any fish that can fit in it's mouth. While the desert gobie is not as bad about it as many of the other...
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    Help How To Treat Beta With Septicemia

    I don't believe in using aquarium salt for anything, but @oldsalt777 uses it and might be able to help you. The only medicine that I know of bettas having issue with is melafix and pimafix. You could use an anitibiotic like furan2 or oxytetracycline to treat the infection. Methylene blue can be...
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    Help First Time With Ich, How Would You Treat This Tank (shrimp, Moss Balls)?

    The moss balls could carry trophonts that will hatch the parasite, just keep it out of the tank a couple weeks. Ich is a parasite that has to be introduced to the tank, unlike many bacteria that are frequently present all the time. While stress makes it easier to attach to the fish, it will...
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    Am I Overfeeding?

    When I am trying to get food to a slower fish, like my peacock gudgeons with my rainbows. I drop food on the opposite side of the slower fish, than when the rainbow jet over to get it I drop the food for the slow fish.
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    About To Give Up

    No there is nothing here, just do your water change as stated by @Morpheus1967 and you should be good for fish
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    Am I Overfeeding?

    Honestly, almost everyone on this forum including myself overfeeds because fish need surprisingly little food. They can easily flourish with 1-2 micropellets a day with the shrimp needing 1 a week. I wouldn't try counting out this because your faster fish will make sure that your gourami never...
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    Help How To Treat Beta With Septicemia

    Take a bucket or bowl that you don't mind getting stained (comes out eventually) put enough water so that it is deep enough to cover him from the tank or fresh water the temperature of the tank. Put a couple drops in the water, put him in, 15 minutes later put him and not the bath back in his...
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    What Do I Need For A Planted Tank?

    It is coal slag used as an abrasive for a sand blaster, it is not abrasive unless you are firing it at high speed. I use it in my 75 gallon tank I set up and while it is a pain to clean it looks good and doesn't harm Cories.
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    Ph 6.0 Too Low?

    Guppies and Mollies can not survive long at that ph level, but I am suspect about your readings. At 6.0 ph ammonia is in the form of ammonium, which while safe for your fish, it is not processed by nitrosoma. The fact that you have nitrates means that they are processing ammonia and nitrites...
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    Rainbowfish Suggestions

    You have access to much better quality fish if you go through local breeders or breeders online. I rarely have deaths with those I buy directly and I see the full lifespan of the fish which is generally half to 3/4 for store bought. PM sent btw
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    Question About Ph, Gh & Kh

    Once you raise your parameters, do not do any large water changes because you will see the ph drop quickly before rebounding up. Small frequent (as needed) water changes allows drops the PH slowly., the math is pretty straight forward. Buffered Tank PH: 7.6 Water Source PH: 6.1 7.6 - 6.1 =...
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    Adding Fish When Cycling Ends

    Do not add ammonia 24 hours prior to adding the fish and never with fish in the tank.
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    Aquaponics (plants Removing Nitrates)

    Trouble is, he only said it ONCE. He learned his lesson after that, lol
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    Adding Fish When Cycling Ends

    Fishless cycles produce way more bacteria than would really be required for your stock but putting the whole stock in at once stresses the fish a lot. Your more likely going to be fighting diseases with a heavy amount. I would put in 6-12 in the tank with 6 more put in the 10 gallon. Put the...
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    What To Do With 2 Tiny Tanks?

    If you want sexy, try your hand at aquascaping them! Try here for inspiration Add some Neocardinia or maybe some Burmese Rosy Loaches...

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