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    Fertilizers for a newbie

    Alright yall, in the last few months I’ve gotten into keeping live plants in all my tanks and my tanks are all decently planted at this point, most of the plants are doing fine but aren’t necessarily thriving so I would like to get a fertilizer for them but my problem and what I would love...
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    Low tech/maintenance live planted tank tips

    Hey y’all, so I’m wondering if I should buy some seachem flourish or not, like if it’s even worth my time or if my plants actually need it. I only use regular tank lights and leds, and the plants I have so far spread throughout my 4 tanks are moneywart, anacharis (egeria densa), anubias...
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    Live aquarium plant newbie

    Found it! It looks like bacopa monnieri or ‘moneywart’, thank you!!
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    Live aquarium plant newbie

    So I’ve only recently gotten into live aquarium plants but like them quite a bit so I now have quite a few, I’ve been trying to get ones so far that don’t need anything added to the tank like co2 or fertilizer or special lighting or anything else. So far plants that have done well are Java moss...
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    Fluval bug bites tropical pellets

    So I’ve seen and heard differing results and opinions on feeding the Fluval bug bites tropical formula to shrimp and I wanna know y’all’s opinions? I’ve got a tank with tropical fish and ghost shrimp and another tank with endlers and cherry shrimp and don’t wanna risk any of them if these...
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    Opinions on stocking for 20 gal long

    Alright y’all, found a new fish I want lol and wanna know if I’d be pushing it too far with the stocking on my tank so want some opinions. My 20 gal long has 1 male crown tail betta (he gets along great with everything else in the tank and has never had an issue with me adding any new additions...
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    Is it safe to keeps plants wrapped?

    Hey y’all, so I got some new aquarium plants and they all had these little sponges wrapped around the very bottom of the plant with a little bendable metal piece wrapped around the sponge to keep it there, I was told to remove this when I bought it but when I tried to from one of the plants some...
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    Opinions for stocking a 10 gal

    So I’ve got a 10 gal already set up and cycled, and has a filter fit for a 30 gallon tank running on it. I was planning on putting about 10 endlers in it and some cherry shrimp, but saw some green fire tetra and am now wondering if I could fit some of those guys in the tank. I’ve been keeping...
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    Questions on cherry shrimp

    So I’ve never had any shrimp other than ghost shrimp but I quite like the little guys and was thinking of getting some for a new tank I just set up, currently no other fish or anything in the tank. The filter was from a cycled tank so cycling on this new one should go pretty smoothly. I’ve read...
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    Stocking for 20 gal

    I have the aqueon quiet flow 20, which says it has a 125gph and is for tanks up to 30 gallons, do you think that’d be enough or would I have to get the next size up maybe? Thanks!
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    Stocking for 20 gal

    I have a 20 gallon long tank with some ghost shrimp, some pond snails (Malaysian trumpets, ramhorns, and bladder/tadpole), 5 albino corys, 6 kuhli loaches, and 1 male betta. If I wanted could I add some ember tetra? Would that be over stocking the tank or because they’re so small would they...
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    Stocking 10 gal with female betta

    Need some opinions. So I have a 10 gallon that’s currently housing a small female betta and a few ghost shrimp, I plan to move the ghost shrimp to some other tanks, but I was thinking of adding some small shoaling fish and I’m stuck between celestial pearl danios and ember tetra. Do you think...
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    Ramshorn snails advice/help

    So I have a 20 gallon long tank with a betta, 6 albino corydoras and 6 kuhli loaches and a 10 gallon with 10 African dwarf frogs and would really like a clean up crew for both tanks and am thinking of getting some ramshorn. I’m not particularly worried about population and them over breeding...
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    Olive nerite snails or ramshorn snails

    So I have a 20 gallon long tank with a betta, 6 albino corydoras and 6 kuhli loaches and a 10 gallon with 10 African dwarf frogs and would really like a clean up crew for both tanks and am debating between some nerite snails or some ramshorn. I’m not particularly worried about population and...
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    Ghost shrimp breeding

    Dang, I’m guessing if I put them in with a group of African dwarf frogs their chance of survival would be even slimmer?
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