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    Foggy tank, don't know why

    It will go in few days with frequent water changes. You can a small 5w UV filter, which is also good to manage green water issues
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    Betta glass surfing in new tank (5 gallon)

    If there too much light that is causing reflection
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    Foggy tank, don't know why

    It's most likely bacteria bloom Will go automatically, do 20% water change daily if possible Do you have UV filter?
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    thanks Jamal. That's wonderful I gained much knowledge on shrimps. Best regards
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    Thanks. Some clarifications please 1.what do you mean by Bio film 2. What is that home made food 3. Once a week means they are getting the Home foods once a week and some thing else in other days or they are required to fed once a week. Also please tell me how easy it is as a process How many...
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    Welcome. Pls tell more about breeding cherry shrimps. Challanges faced by you etc. I once got a setup with 6 shrimps. All died one by one with no known reasons
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    Sick Betta! Please help!

    what is the age of your Betta. Have your tried the medication. Check attached pic
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    How much filtration?

    Add UV filter 15w or higher
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    Are my molly gals preggo

    Great. This is good for the all. They will get colour in few weeks. They normally starts pale white or dull yellow. Hope your aquarium will be filled with 100s of mlollies soon and you will be a supplier to LfS
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    How Many Fish After Cycle

    White skirt tetras and Rosy Barbs are hardy and great to start with. Cardinals are my favourites, however, just be careful as they are not hardy
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    Betta fish, fin rot or tear?

    I got some good results with Betafix in past. Nevertheless, you may try salt bath therapy.
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    Cloudy Tank... HELP

    I recommend to Google it. A submergable 5 w is enough and possibly fix many issues
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    Is it this simple?

    Yes Plecos is also a good idea. Do you have hands on step by step guide. I might try On the other hand ensuring survival of Zebra egg is easy. 2 drops of PPM after the parents are removed and keeping the water at constant temp is enough atleast for my multiple rounds of experiments.
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    Is it this simple?

    First watch all three videos, all are my experiments. All you need is large plastic mosquito net. Fold it in layers tjat fits in side aquarium, hold it with medium size stones
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    Betta suddenly inactive??

    Forgot to ask about a quick salt bath. Here is a link for reference Aquarium salt - Bettaboxx
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