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  1. Fish ID

    I know four aquarium shops here (one of which imports all of its fish) in my area and have kept fishes(on and off, only seriously kept them recently) for almost 16 years. and This is the first time I've seen this fish being sold, and was lucky that most people in my area are hobbyists, and would...
  2. Fish ID

    All hail Chromedome, king of fish ID :D I would never in my life would have been able to figure that out. The color and patterns match exactly to Sind Danio s from Google.
  3. Fish ID

    I guess they are. haven't kept giant danios before, all I can say is they're little rockets, they school and are not particularly scared of any of the other fishes
  4. Fish ID

    Can someone ID these fish please? not the guppies, the two silver ones. they're really fast, so I couldnt get a better picture.
  5. Wood identification

    Just a small update, I have confirmed that the wood is of a dried out tropical guava tree, been sitting in the back porch of a neighbour's place for months if not years, and they finally threw it out. They were actually glad it may be of some use for me, better than rotting in the dumps, as they...
  6. Wood identification

    That's a great idea, I'll do that. hopefully I can update the result here soon.
  7. Wood identification

    the last piece is actually the full piece, the others are sections that I thought may be helpful in id'ing. It's pretty big, almost four feet long and more than 2 feet across. guava and jackfruit trees are most common around here, but I honestly have no idea if its any of those.
  8. Wood identification

    it's bone dry, there seems to be a fair bit flaked off, I'll get those removed at a carpenter. I've made driftwood before, so I'm familiar with the process, just wasn't sure of the id of this particular wood and if its viable as driftwood.
  9. Wood identification

    Is it possible to identify what wood this is? I live in southeast Asia, and just found it lying by the roadside. Was thinking of processing it into driftwood pieces, but I dont know what this is or if it can be turned into driftwood.
  10. ID and gender

    I had bought then as 2 males and four females, but it seems like I'll end up with a 1:1 ratio. are mollies ok as a 1:1, or should I replace the potential late bloomer? On a side note - my gigantic female sailfin molly just went belly up for no apparent reason this morning. She was more than 3...
  11. ID and gender

    The fin has been like that for the 2/3 hours or so I had it, it has never been fully extended, that's why I'm confused as well. I'm wondering if it is somehow a mix gender or a gender-less fish or something like that
  12. ID and gender

    could someone id these fish? I believe they're platties and let me know the gender of this particular one
  13. My 15 gallon Tank

    Update... added the 40 gallon sponge filter from my 29 long behind the clay pot. The cherries immediately jumped on the algae growth on it. and one of my male endler hybrids(pretty sure they're endler hybrids) unfortunately, looking for a replacement, but they're not easy to find here, and...
  14. My 15 gallon Tank

    I don't usually post my tank pics online, but I thought to share this with the community, maybe someone will have some inspiration from it.
  15. Guppy Or Endler

    Thought I'd just drop it here instead of making a new topic. Could someone ID this plant?

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