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    The Money Pit - 75 Gallon Build

    Nitrates at ten...I’d really like your input and participation in my post for saltwater tank builds.
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    What do y’all prefer to keep your parameters at, and what text kits do you prefer for the different elements?
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    Saltwater Tank Equipment Inquiry

    You can get an ATO Refractometer on Amazon for $20. Way more accurate. You use a sample of water on a lens then point the end at a bright light to see the reading. With a hydrometer, mine are accurate. But you need to make sure it’s on a level surface. And you always have to get that dang needle...
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    75 Gallon Equip Suggestions

    I’d look at Jebao on Amazon for pumps and powerheads. Then that ReefBrite metal halide with the two Reefbrite LED strip is awesome. Also, a ATI 8 bulb would be sweet over that thing. ATI even makes a decent LED. But I’m just not a fan of LED quite yet. I know corals can thrive under them...
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    Good Deal? 75 Gallon

    That’s a good deal if it’s in good shape and no scratches. My mom bought a 125 gallon for cheap but it was just the ugliest scratched up junk I’ve seen. So even if it’s 1000 gallons for $100, it’s not worth it if it’s been beat up. Unless you’re wanting to run it in a basement for a common sump...
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    Recommend Nano Reef Light For 7 Gallon Cube

    The AI Prime HD would be a great choice. You could adjust it down to whatever you want. Waterbox sells a little 7 with the Prime. Then there is a 4 made by them that you can get with that little Kessil A80 or whatever their smallest fixture is. That’s too little to try and find a T5 or low...
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    Marine Light Question

    This was taken with my cheap phone camera before I completely finished the install. I’m in the stupid hospital right now so it’s the best one I have. But the picture does no justice.
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    Marine Light Question

    Go with the Reefbrite metal halide that I believe is still on sale. I put one up over my tanks with a Phoenix Blue DE bulb. Then it comes with two reefbrite LED strips and I added a dual bulb T5 HO with two ATI Coral plus bulbs. It is seriously the most beautiful color I have seen in a tank...
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    Electronic/digital Ph Test

    I have the Hanna PH tester and calcium tester and don’t really like either. Certainly not the calcium tester for how expensive it is. The calcium test is only as accurate as the quality and consistency of the distilled water you are using. I went back to the RedSea Pro test kits. Where you get...
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    3 Week Update And New Anemone

    Man I don’t mean to sound like a know it all. But nems prefer tanks at least six months old. And good lighting and flow so they can pick their combination in the rocks that they like. I’ve had a few anemones. And the one I have now is happy and healthy. But lots of experimenting with care before...
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    Carbon Dosing

    Thanks man! I have a really nice Skimz skimmer that I’ve been running about a year. It’s pulling quite a bit more like you mentioned it would. I’ve never really had a algae problem in this tank. Just not much growth in the corals I want to grow. But I do have a little ball of hair algae on a...
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    Id Please

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    How Bright Should My Lights Be?

    What did you end up setting them to? I know these don’t put out near 165 watts until they are turned way up. But they will burn anything at that wattage. Unless they are hung up high to project a wider Ray. I hope all went well. I had these but I went to metal halide on that tank because I...
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