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    Can I hold these fish together in 10 gal Qt tank?

    I am getting the below shell dwellers along with pea puffers, endlers, and corys ---> for various tanks. Is it okay to hold them altogether for a while in a 10 gal long quarantine tank? Will the shell dwellers kill the other fish? I have provided the sizes of each fish also. 1 X 1.5-inch...
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    What is this white mark on either side of Golden Ram?

    Photos and video links below. It's not white spots, more like one small patch mark on either side of this Golden Ram which I just got. I looked up fish diseases for white spots/marks/patches and to me it does not appear to be Ich or Velvet (tiny spots), Columnaris (pale colored patches), or...
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    Corydoras always so scared when someone approaches

    Yes there are 7 corydoras of each type together in a group.
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    Corydoras always so scared when someone approaches

    My corydoras are always so scared when someone even remotely approaches the tank. They panickingly rush back to hiding spots and stay so still like statues. Is this normal behavior for corydoras? Sometimes even from 4 feet away away if they happen to (sense "movement outside" the tank) see...
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    40 Gallon Tank EMERGENCY!! Guppy with extreme bloat, raised scales, and inflamed anus

    First of all, yes do a water change to get nitrates below 40 ppm because high nitrates can indicate overcrowding / high bio-load which can stress out any fish. And long term fix for this is to do more water changes / feed your fish less quantity and less often / reduce the number of fish in the...
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    Epsom salt or aquarium salt for dropsy

    Yes my fish (a Bolivian ram) is pineconing and is slightly bloated. It was fine until yesterday (no pineconing and bloating). The top of its head is also discolored (very pale dull grey color). It is also not eating (since about 2 weeks) - see next paragraph for the bigger background. To give...
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    Epsom salt or aquarium salt for dropsy

    I see conflicting information on whether to use epsom salt or aquarium salt to help with dropsy. This article says to add aquarium salt for dropsy but other articles say do not use aquarium salt because it will make it worse and use epsom salt instead. I know antibiotics like Kanaplex and...
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    Bolivian Ram always sitting, has shrunken belly, had red swollen anus days ago

    Does my Bolivian Ram have some parasite or something? It's been just sitting on the gravel for the last few days and today I saw that its belly has really shrunk inwards. About 5-6 days ago, I saw that its anus area was a bit red and swollen. I thought it was just something I hadn't noticed...
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    New fry, unsure who mated?

    This is super easy to fix. Yo don't have to do anything at all. The fry will be eaten by your fish since they are very tiny. Don't overfeed your fish and that will definitely ensure the fry are eaten.
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    Can a fish get ich by being stressed? Where does Ich come from?

    I am confused about where ich comes from. Can fish that are in a ich-free environment get ich when they are stressed? Or do they get it only if it is already there in the environment brought from another fish?
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    How long does it take for German Blue Ram to grow from 0.75 inch size to full size of about 2 inches?

    How long does it take for German Blue Ram to grow from 0.75 inch size to full size of about 2 inches?
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    55 Gallon Tank Are my Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish fighting or is this nothing to worry about?

    I have seen many videos of rainbowfish (including dwarf varieties) and they always seem to be doing this (chasing others aggressively). Just check out videos on Youtube. So it seems to be normal behavior I guess? My takeaway is that despite being called peaceful fish, rainbowfish are actually...
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    Is my platy harassing the other one or are they just schooling?

    I got a group of 3 platys. One is very young (about an inch long) while the other two are bigger (about 2 inches long). Out of the bigger two, one is constantly following the other one (and never the other way round) and at very close proximity. The question that I have is : is the chaser a...
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    How to get young fish to eat well when older stronger fish are eating all the food?

    I think young fish need to eat well and more frequently (like 3X a day) to grow bigger faster. But when you already have various fish in your tank most of which are mature and 2 to 3 inches long, and you just added this new juvenile fish that's only 0.75 inch long, how do you ensure it is...
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