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    Help! Cherry Red Shrimp dying!

    Where did you get your shrimp? In my experience that was the greatest factor in shrimp thriving. (All acclimation being equal)
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    Berries RCS went from red to clear?

    Ive heard they become more vibrant/dark in dark substrates and lighten up in lighter substrates to evade predators. I didnt much believe that but your example seems like proof.
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    Cherry Shrimp Tank

    I dont know the weight of importance of each factor that goes into making one substrate better in specific ways. The look though is purely subjective. I had a half fluorite (like black sand), half unc shrimp substrate separated by a rock barrier. The rcs go in both but seem to prefer the sand...
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    Lava Rock In Shrimp Tank?

    I check ammonia and there haven't been spikes but I can see the powder go down white and subsequently disappear after the shrimp swarm it. I have considered cutting back food if it will help slow down pregnancies, would that work? The tank seems to be getting a round or two of newborns every...
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    Tell All: Cherry Shrimp

    I ordered some online and some I bought off craigslist. My craigslist buy had the best colors, health and price.
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    Why Are Rcss Dying?

    Your tank is beautiful! My next tank will also be a four gallon walstad attempt to help relieve the shrimp populations in my other tanks. I have had some odd deaths too yet they have been very fertile lately and once they are born in the tank the numbers can get out of hand. I am not experienced...
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    Lava Rock In Shrimp Tank?

    I like to directly squeeze out a pipette wet mix of bacter ae on the lava rock (and cholla) since all the cavities make good bowls for the shrimp to scrape out
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    Crazy Shrimp

    Its been over two days since I did the water change and the yellow guy stopped backflipping and swimming wobbly as soon as i did the change. He has spent the last two days lying on his belly mostly. There have been zero deaths so i may do another smaller water change tomorrow for good measure...
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    Crazy Shrimp

    Ok I will try to be slow by putting water in at intervals. I use tap with prime but I already filled some containers up since I like the water to sit a bit.
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    Crazy Shrimp

    28 adults in 10g but 30+ babies that are growing quickly.
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    Crazy Shrimp

    Those plants went in last Tuesday and the first weird shrimp behavior started Saturday. What percentage of water change would you recommend? Thanks for the help and looking at the shrimp behavior.
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    Crazy Shrimp

    The newest plant went in last week (before that the other plants had been there weeks). It was three extra leaves of java fern. I already have 20+ leaves established in there but purchased some new from the lfs for my other tank. I had three left over and put them in this large tank. The lfs had...
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    Crazy Shrimp

    I just checked parameters using api kit and three strip tests and the only thing off is a higher than normal GH and KH. I will do a water change since I'm not sure what else I can do. GH said >10°d on sera quicktest strips and color was between 150-300 ppm (closer to 300) on tetra easy strips...
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    Crazy Shrimp

    I spoke too soon and in my larger tank one died overnight. It was light blue alive and was salmon pink guts dead so maybe infection? Now another yellow is displaying the same behavior as that first yellow one but less frantic, much slower and not as repetitive. It could be normal since its not...
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    Shrimp Aquarium Smells Bad

    You may do this but, there will be less smells if you keep their foods containers in a ziplock bag (same with nitrifying bacteria additives, plant fertilizers and my baster to suck up molts and old food sometimes smells if I dont rinse and dry it.

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