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    Random Thoughts

    Doesn't matter, just feed him to the fish.
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    Sounds reasonable to me
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    You have some beautiful tanks. Welcome to fishlore
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the forum This is a fun and informative site with plenty of good people to get good advice from.
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    Random Thoughts

    Now that is truly a random thought. Haha
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    Where to put filter inlets and outlets for

    That's the way I did it. I tried for a flow like a slow moving creek.. however my tank is only 3 feet.
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    Lets see your Christmas decor

    It maybe a little early. However it has been a strange year and anything to help move it out is welcome I have always liked that style of ornament. It is also interesting how you have to still the good ones. As the not so good ones just show up
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    Random Thoughts

    Yesterday, was a year since I got my 60 gallon tall. I had inherited 4 gold fish from my wife's uncle who had died. The 4 goldes were supposed to be feeders for my wife's uncle's Oscars that died. He sold his display tank and gear but kept the 4 gallon feeder tank. The uncle then got sick with...
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    Random Thoughts

    That just gives you a year to save up and plan for next time. That being said it is frustrating for sure.
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    A lot of us have found fishlore the same way. At least I did. We have a lot of knowledgeable people who are willing to help if they can. We also have a lot of resources that can help as well. Welcome to fishlore
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    Starting a Cycle in a Bucket - the Experiment

    I agree, it was very interesting and I learned alot.
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    Hello, I'm so glad to have found this place!

    Welcome to the forum. Fishlore is a great place to get a lot of good info, advice and even some fun
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    Unpopular opinions?

    You are correct. However you forgot to add testing the water
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    New to the aquarium scene and would like some advice.

    Welcome, just like the other I think you are over stock. That will lead to poorer water quality quicker. Also if you're 5 gallon nitrate are at .0 that means you're tank isn't cycled yet. I last thought. Your biggest colony of BB lives in the filter. So when you change it out you may want to...
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