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  1. What’s Your Favorite Goldfish Food?

    All I feed is repashy gel food now.
  2. Help Swim Bladder Issue

    Hello, unfortunately with fancies, they are prone to SBD once they mature and their internal organs grow. Is this is a she, she could have impacted eggs causing her issues as well.
  3. False Questions?

    Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s not. Usually members who’s only purpose is to violate forum rules get warned and removed quickly.
  4. Flowerhorn Extremely Bloated

    Is he a short bodied FH ?
  5. Pleco Floating On Surface - Help!

    You should have some nitrates and zero ammonia if your tank is cycled unless what ever med you added has crashed your cycle. What are you feeding your pleco?
  6. Important Unknown Growth

    Any of his tank mates experiencing any similar issues ?
  7. 65 Gallon Tank Heater Recommendations

    Did you want to do just one heater? I usually recommend two for redundancy.
  8. Help What Causes My High Nitrate?

    It could be the plant decay itself causing the increased nitrates
  9. Never Too Old To Lean Something New

    You insurance will pay for your damages minus your deductible because claims can take a long time to settle. So your ins fronts the cost and then chases the other parties insurance to recover costs and your deducible. I course this is in a bit your fault scenario.
  10. Rip Trundle :(

    Im sorry for your loss
  11. Never Too Old To Lean Something New

    jdhef sorry to hear bud this is the first I’ve heard of an insurance company dealing with rental coverage in this way. My experience has been that you get the the full allowance of rental coverage and that anything not used, ie you used $300 out of a max of $900, the insurance carrier will cut...
  12. Dollar Store Rocks - Safe?

    I’ve used some of these in betta tanks without issues. Avoid anything painted and definitely do the vinegar test.
  13. Prime Vs Aquaplus

    Stick to Prime. The aloe can actually cause excess build up on gills.
  14. Has My Tank Cycled Or Is It Close?

    Once you stock your tank and the bacteria can handle the total bioload you’ll be cycled. Just monitor for a mini cycle when stocking
  15. Question Anyone Have Fluval 206?

    Algae will always be part of your aquarium, think of it as patina is to a leather couch

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