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    South American Puffer Diet?

    Hello I just bought a south american puffer, and I was wondering if the diet I'll be feeding him is healthy. I have frozen bloodworms that he likes, and he's also accepted live daphnia. I have bladder snails to feed him but when I dropped them in he wasn't interested, granted he's only been in...
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    Blood Parrot/ Plant Tank Substrate

    Hi! Dirt substrate can be beneficial for plants but for most plants it isn't necessary, if you do end up getting heavy root feeding plants such as amazon swords you can use root tabs. I currently have 3 blood parrots in a planted tank and from my experience just make sure you anchor the plants...
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    How To Culture "greenwater"?

    Hello, so I've been wanting to setup a microalgae culture using the greenwater from my pond, but I was wondering if anyone has experience culturing microalgae because I'm not sure exactly how a microalgae culture would work. I know I need to put the water in a container with good aeration and...
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    Planted Tank Outside In Texas?

    Sweet thank you! During what months do you keep it outside?
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    Planted Tank Outside In Texas?

    Hello everyone! This is probably a stupid question lol, but I figured I'd ask and see if I can learn something new anyways. So I have a bunch of small plant fragments floating in my tank ( blood parrots tearing my plants lol) and I was wondering if I could put these floating plants in a small 10...
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    60 Gallon Planted Invert Tank!

    Thank you for the suggestions I'm actually still looking for fish for this tank I currently have red cherries, amanos, and otocinclus, and a stone catfish which I need to get more of but they're so rare.
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    Pearl Gourami Very Skinny

    Yeah, I want to get more I used to have 6, but 3 of them immediately died after buying them , but this was a while ago. Past year it's been working well though since the tank is pretty big for them and heavily planted.
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    Pearl Gourami Very Skinny

    In my 150 gallon tank I have a trio of 3 pearl gourami, 1 female, 2 males, and one of the males has been looking very thin for the past few weeks, the other 2 gouramis are looking pretty healthy compared to him. Wondering if it could be parasites, competition, or something else?
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    Steps I Should Take To Get My Dream Tank?

    Well hello everyone! I was just thinking about how I would go about getting my dream tank. My dream tank is a 1000G planted tank, not that I am anywhere close to being able to get this tank but I was still curious about how much it would cost to setup a 1000G, where I would even get a 1000G...
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    Hello! New Member/fish Enthusiast

    Hey lol I noticed the rack you have looks like the same one I have, I was curious if you have more aquariums on the top layers. I didn't really trust the rack so I only have 20 and 10 gallons on there but I see you have a 40 gallon tank and I would love to add 40 breeders on there! The only...
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    Cool Ideas For 10 Gallon Classroom Tank?

    Hello everyone, so in one of my science classes we have been split into groups and each group given a 10 gallon tank that we can make salt or freshwater, I was wondering if anyone has some ideas for cool fish or inverts that could go in there that wouldn't be "boring". I personally don't find...
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    Aqua 500 For 60g?

    Yes they are the same the old ones named aquaclear 500 for the 500gph, but both are the same, they should be fine in the 60. Great filters!
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    15 Gallon Tank Algae Help

    Lol I'm talking about live plants too, I use it on my anubias and amazon swords.
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    15 Gallon Tank Algae Help

    What I do when my plants get covered in alage is pull them out and scrub them with a magic eraser, makes the plants squeaky clean. Algae comes off super easy with the magic eraser.
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    Prawns (macrobrachium Rosenbergii) Don't Actually Eat Fish?

    He's still in the 60g right now, I'm gonna get him back in the 5 after work, if I can catch him lol, they're very fast. While he's in the 5 I'm gonna start working on setting up a 20 gallon tank for him. I asked for opinions at the aquarium and they said a 40 breeder would probably be fine for...

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