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    What else should I add to my sump?

    Hello everyone! I've been wanting to add more filtration to my sump since most of it is empty and I like making sure my water is crystal clear. My sump is a 55 gallon, as you can see in the pictures below the water comes down to some polyfill, then goes to about 5 gallons of lavarock, and a bag...
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    Not sure what kind of fish this is

    I can't tell what type of fish this is, he's about 3 inches. I've noticed it's a relatively aggressive fish.
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    How much purigen in 350G tank?

    Hello everyone, I have been considering running purigen because I see so many people talking about how great it is at polishing water. My display tank is 350g, and my sump has about 50g, so a total of 400g. On the purigen packaging it says 100ml treats 100 gallons. Is this really true? Seems...
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    Siamese Algae Eaters Question

    Yes, it is a gold severum. No, he does not seem to like the plants, I have noticed he does like to eat certain stem plants but so far all the plants I have are good.
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    Siamese Algae Eaters Question

    lol yes they are pretty big, and so are some of the fish, the tank makes everything look tiny.
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    Siamese Algae Eaters Question

    Good to hear they are good at eating algae! Do your big ones eat algae too?
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    Siamese Algae Eaters Question

    Hello, I am considering buying 6 siamese algae eaters for my 350 gallon planted tank to help me with staghorn algae. I have already done a lot to battle the algae, and it has gone down significantly, but I am looking for a fish that can help me with the amount that still grows. I have heard...
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    Planting my 350 Gallon Aquarium

    Thank you, I am using a mix of pool filtration sand, and gravel with root tabs around all the plants. The lights are 4, 48 inch nicrew classic plus planted leds, I do not run CO2 on here. I dose NA thrice fertilizer weekly. You look like you are on good track on your planted tank, I would have...
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    Adding 240 Nerite Snails to my tank!

    Haha they do like to escape into the sump.
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    Adding 240 Nerite Snails to my tank!

    Lol It surprisingly does not look like there are 240 snails in there. It seems like most of them disappeared but they area still there somewhere. I've noticed they really only come out at night so that is great! At night it looks like a bunch of turds all over the tank.
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    Adding 240 Nerite Snails to my tank!

    This is an unboxing video where I unbox 240 nerite snails and add them to my 350 gallon tank to help with the brown algae. As you will see in the video, nerites are tremendously effective!
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    350 Gallon Tank Always Has Floating Debris

    Hello Everyone! I have a 350 gallon planted tank that always has a bunch of particles in the water and I am wondering if this is just something I have to deal with having a big tank. All of my smaller tanks are crystal clear with nothing floating in the water. The 350 water is also very clean...
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