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    Honestly Some People ...

    she must be a very happy person....they do say ignorance is bliss people like that in all walks of life make me....well want to beat them.aaaarrrggghhh
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    Brown Algae

    a school of otos if you have room
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    Have I unwittingly killed all my 'good' bacteria??

    no just be patient it will come.
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    Have I unwittingly killed all my 'good' bacteria??

    ok firstly dont worry about the ph the ammonia effects it so theres no point testing dont do a water change just keep adding ammonia daily until you raise the ammonia levels to 5ppm then just wait have a look at my sticky on fishless cycling with ammonia the whole process takes around 6 weeks
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    im not a marine specialist but i would suspect that this tank is no where near cycled
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    What to stock?

    well that would be your lot if you wont be able to put clown loaches in as they can grow up to 12 inches you could put a kuhli in i guess!
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    Question is he shy or is this normal?

    mine do but if you sit and watch a while and drop a wafer in mine come out to eat
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    What to stock?

    how about 6 cardinals pair of honey gouramis 4 albino cory's(vey active little fish although do better in schools of six or more i have 4 and they spawned last week!)and2 platies
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    Question Heater Wattage Mystery

    if its not submersible hows it gonna heat the water? there should be a wattage in the instructions companies arnt aloud to sell electrical equipment without giving the voltage/wattage as far as i know have another a look or failing that try to google the company and see if your heaters details...
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    fresh coldwater profiles

    that would be a good idea plus that would cut down on the work load for all at FL they would just have to proof read them.
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    any coldwater websites

    yeah i see what your saying i may get a larger tank theres still sime his only 2 inch long and i agree my albinos have been good value for there money always busy doing something
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    seachem stability?

    never seen it i cycled mine fishless with ammonia have a look at my sticky fishless cycle using ammonia it is another road you could go down...worked fine for me the only problem was my own impatience!
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    any coldwater websites

    lol 3 DG 1 male 2 female 8 cardinals 4 albino corys 1 bristle nose and a clown loach yep I have pushed it a bit with the stocking but at the everything seems fine if its unsustainable i'll reduce but its been like that for 2 months and they all seem happy as larry.
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    fresh coldwater profiles

    Hiya all. Fishlore is an excellent site but there are no profiles for fresh coldwater fish such as black mores red caps shabunkins etc. I am currently keeping tropicals and with the help of FishLore I am pleased to report successfully! and will continue. I am now considering a coldwater tank...
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    any coldwater websites

    i've lost one female because my male gets really aggressive and protective during spawning and he caused her some damage which never healed dispite isolating her and trying to nurse her sadly she died from her injuries(i guess) Would there be a problem if you crossed the two varieties?

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