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  1. Angelfish Fungal Infection Or Other Diagnosis?

    Thank you for your reply. I have great news. It was definitely a fungal infection and I have treated him with Pimafix for 4 days now. The white dot is gone completely and he is making a full recovery. I will say that Pimafix is not garbage
  2. Angelfish Fungal Infection Or Other Diagnosis?

    Hello all, I have been referred to this forum many times and it has helped quite tremendously. I am greatly concerned for my Koi Angel who is 2 years old. The angel fish has resided in my aquarium for over a year now. Water parameters are perfect, with no nitrate or nitrite pollution, where...
  3. High levels of Nitrate, HELP Nitrite and Ammonia in my Frog Tank

    I have a single species 5 gal tank of African Dwarf Frogs. I have high levels of Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia. I am thinking doing a drastic water changed and adding Prime with some Nite-out. Any other recommendations???
  4. Gold Nugget Pleco Opinions and Experience

    Hello, I have been in the fish keeping hobby for some time now. I recently finished my 55 gallon and it's been up for about a month now. I plan to create a mix tank of cichlids and a Gold Nugget. The Gold Nugget Pleco I got today and I am finally glad I was able to get one sense they are a...
  5. Cichlids and Plants?

    I will have a variety of some cichlids but I do have a rock setup but I do think there needs to be some plants but I am getting peacocks and convict cichlids
  6. Cichlids and Plants?

    Hello, I am setting up my third successful and my most expensive exotic tank yet. I am going to be getting a Dracula pleco for an algae eater and because I always wanted one. Then I'll be adding cichlids, but I am not sure what types of plants will be best for the tank. The tank has sand and a...
  7. Tank mates for a Clown Pleco

    I have a clown that's really shy and stays in his drift wood. I want to get another Pleco that will eat the algae. Does anyone have any recommendations for a 45 gallon? I have 2 dwarf frogs and 2 Corey cats. I have top dweller fish including 2 bettas and a red wag platy. I have considered a...
  8. In your opinion are Gold Nugget Plecos docile/peaceful?

    Thank you all for your feedback
  9. In your opinion are Gold Nugget Plecos docile/peaceful?

    To ans r your question I love Plecos. I hav raised Scat, my BN since he was a baby. I am going to keep him. The only reason I'm asking about the gold nugget is that they are my personal favorite and I'm getting a bigger family tank to put one in. My personal one will be a 45 to a 50 and I have...
  10. In your opinion are Gold Nugget Plecos docile/peaceful?

    The Gold Nugget will be in a 38 gal maybe a bigger tank when I upgrade. He will have a couple tank mates which I have 2 female bettas, 2 Corey cats, 2 African dwarf frogs, a piece of drift wood including lots of plants like Amazon swords and micro swords, a red wag platty. Would a gold nugget be...
  11. Aggressive Bristlenose Pleco Advice/Help

    And I do have a few top feeder fish
  12. Aggressive Bristlenose Pleco Advice/Help

    Thank you. I don't believe the African dwarf frogs are the problem because they are trained to stay in a certain area of the tank. I am going to be upgrading my tank for a gold nugget Pleco possibly in a month and I will only buy the gold nugget as a replacement if I get a 38 or bigger tank. BN...
  13. Aggressive Bristlenose Pleco Advice/Help

    I am not new to fish keeping and this has been a personal hobby of mine for close to 6 months. I started my tank around that time frame and started out with a baby Bristlenose Pleco, named Scat, who I am now having problems with. At first he wasn't aggressive and he got along with the rest of my...
  14. Is my African Dwarf frog pregnant or is she fat? If so any suggestions?

    That's the plan. I am planning to get tadpoles and to raise them. I know she is really chubby but she seems to be a little bigger than the other frogs than at Petco or other chain pet stores that sell African dwarf frogs. I am planning to upgrade my tank from a 25 gal to a 38 gal with the same...
  15. Is my African Dwarf frog pregnant or is she fat? If so any suggestions?

    They sing very loud at night! The male will do the dance with my female during the night every couple of nights but the male has a gland under his armpit so I'm sure she is eggy. I just don't want to make sure she is not fat or bloated from food.

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