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    Snail with my betta?

    My snails love veggies. Nerites are pickier, but I still reccomend trying to feed them.
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    Snail with my betta?

    Yes, they do eat mostly algae, but at some point that algae runs out so it's good to feed them once in a while.
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    Help! Mystery Platy Sickness

    I don't know the disease, but for mystery diseases there's general cures. If you have one on hand, it might help.
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    Betta with white spots on head

    That sounds like a fungal illness. Daily small water changes should work. If they don't after few days, then try meds.
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    Newbie - Plants have black spots?

    Hey! The first plant looks like an anubias, and the 2nd one looks like a java fern. The first one is just getting dust algae on it and the 2nd one just has a pottasium deficiency. I wouldn't worry. It's fine and both plants are ok.
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    29 Gallon Tank Deciding on tank mates for gourami(s?)

    Pretty sure it does. I don't have shrimp, but that's what I heard in the shrimp breeding tutorials I saw.
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    Upgrading to 30 gallon! Stocking help

    If they're 2 females it's ok to keep them. 2 males could become aggressive. A pair could overbreed. Maybe you just donate the babies?
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    Snail with my betta?

    no problem mate
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    Snail with my betta?

    algae wafers, veggies, uneaten food.
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    Snail with my betta?

    Well, the cucumber is just an extra. They mostly live off algae so you need that in your tank. There's not a lot of algae in my tank so they also eat uneaten fish food. Tough also dropping in an algae wafer weekly would be cool if you wanted to be sure. I don't have nerites, I only have bladders...
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    Snail with my betta?

    You can do a cucumber slice once every week and a half. I microwave them before adding them to the tank.
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    Snail with my betta?

    I don't know about wafers, I've heard nerites don't really go for wafers.
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    Snail with my betta?

    yes. just make sure that the veggies are ok. I feed my snails cucumber and/or lettuce once every 1 or 2 weeks.
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    Snail with my betta?

    As long as there's not too many snails, you don't need to give them calcium. I don't give calcium to mine. Before you add them, test your betta's temperament with a bladder/ramshorn/pond snail. They are great test buddies.
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    18 gallon tank stocking ideas

    Better do a single ram.
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