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    Guppies Stressed by new Glowlight Danios

    I couldn't see any Danios in the picture but you may need to give things more time. I know Danios are super active and this may be puzzling or intimidating to the Guppies. Incidentally I have been keeping Zebra Danios (the wild type but I've also kept the pink Glo variety) in a 20 gallon long...
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    What if my heater fails?

    I said buy a reliable heater not an expensive one. There's a difference. A reliable one is less likely to break down. There are surveys of such things to guide us and I followed one such survey in the Aquarium magazine I read which was unequivocal when it came to the best heater available. I'm...
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    What if my heater fails?

    My heater in my main 6ft tank is around 10 years old. I think they are made better these days (I've been using heaters for 51 years). I buy a reliable brand rather than the cheapest. I use one heater, it's less hassle (I used to use two). I have a tiny stick - on thermometer in the corner of...
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    Congo tetras and other tetras

    Congo Tetras are generally very peaceful and well behaved aquarium citizens.
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    120 Gallon Tank Angelfish and Congo Tetras

    There's always a chance that one may learn to nip fins, but generally Congo Tetra is one of the most well behaved species.
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    New member with danio questions

    I can understand your desire to keep Danios. They are active and colourful and make an ideal breeding project which is why I kept them. However, they do have a few downsides which is why I no longer keep them. They aren't the most relaxing of fish to watch although their activity may be what...
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    What are these tiny little dark brown bugs

    I believe they are springtails and they do no harm, eating any organic matter they can find in the humid area just outside the waterline or on the water's surface which they are able to walk on. Keep trying to improve your water quality. I am convinced this will lead to healthier fish.
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    Quick question about powerheads and GPH

    While it's true that I have been researching Clown Loaches for many years I don't rate myself as a Loach Guru since I only kept a few species. I don't even rate myself as a complete Clown Loach Guru since I never had experience of any diseases or problems to advise people on even though my six...
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    Quick question about powerheads and GPH

    I have a 90g aquarium and have two powerheads each rated at 1000 lph. I feel it is ideal.
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    How would you describe your fish tank smell?

    My first thought is that my aquarium water smells sweet - like I'd happily drink it (but I don't and wouldn't recommend anyone to). I am very sensitive to scents so I trust my instinct on my aquarium. If I smell something wrong I smell it for the next six months. I have smelt other people's...
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    Bala sharks in a 75 gallon aquarium temporarily

    180 is not nearly enough. They do not belong in home aquaria. There's a 17" one on (do some research there). They are skittish and can easily bash into the glass and lid. Many people have lost them this way. They migrate and congregate to spawn in one place in the wild...
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    Breeding clown loaches

    I have seen this video several years ago. It all depends what is meant by "breeding". Clown Loaches do not breed in aquaria without human intervention. Somewhere either in this video or another one he explains that the fish have to be kept indoors and warm for them to produce eggs and sperm so...
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    Shrimp Pellets for Neon Tetras

    Yes the Neon Tetras will feed on them on the bottom by biting tiny bits off the whole pellet, if the other fish let them.
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    Skinny young clown loach; doesn't seem to eat much

    Clown Loaches are starved for many weeks on their journey from the wild through the person that caught them to the wholesaler/exporter to the aquarium shop and finally to your tank. My opinion is that some of them cannot take this starvation and never recover. I have however fed a skinny one...
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    API Fin and Body Cure Safe for Clown Loach

    I keep Clown Loaches and I have never experienced this. When I first purchased my Clown Loaches in Jan 1995 they developed whitespot / ich and I was worried I may lose them but a malachite green and formalin treatment cured them. However, they have never had another disease since. I'd suggest...
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