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    Question about tangs and tank size etc..

    Look up king of diy plywood tank build. Won't be cheap but half the price of a 300+ aquarium. I don't think 700-800 will Be enough in acrylic to build a tank. You need 3/4 inche sheets of acrylic. Plus equal thickness for some braces on top.
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    First Live Plants EVER!

    Amazon swords are a good option as well. Once the roots get in the sand and stretch out they are difficult to pull out for me. Java moss is an option to cover your decorations. Once the java moss starts growing though it takes over.
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    Moving a 90g setup with fish, come watch!

    The foxface is still small maybe 3 or so inches. My maroon female is almost as big. The foxface is new so it has some growing up to do. The tang bullied it for a few days but they are calming down now
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    Moving a 90g setup with fish, come watch!

    Yes I hear maroons are mean. But I found two beautiful maroon when I was getting fish after my move. So far both model citizens. The female is getting massive. Though I do have a 120g. 4x2 so just a little bigger than your tank. Keep up the work it will level out nutrients wise .
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    Diy Media Guide For Top Fin Silenstream, Aquaclear And Other Hob Filters

    Yes the seachem tidals flow from bottom up. On the left the the filter the water drops in about 1 inch from the top. Then fills from bottom and out.
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    Diy Media Guide For Top Fin Silenstream, Aquaclear And Other Hob Filters

    This is my tidals. The first one is bio media on bottom then 2 sponges on top. The second is just a bunch of sponge cut into square. They need rinsed off but doing their jobs.
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    Moving a 90g setup with fish, come watch!

    Yes I like the blue look better. I had my whites way down but I was afraid of starving the corals so it's back to 50% the blue. Looking good!
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    Is this an alright set up for a betta?

    Turn heater up to 78 and it will be fine. It will only take awhile to get to temp. Then maintaining the temp is less work.
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    Are my new fish doing ok?

    Drain water to a very low point makes it easier to corner the fish. I only moved my saltwater corals but it took hours to do. Moving the 29 gallon with Cardinal tetras and rams was tough getting them out! Then plants are a whole nother level
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    Cycling reef tank...some advice

    So just test ammonia until after the cycle in saltwater. The rest is useless until the ammonia and nitrites are 0
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    Bottom feeder with red tail sharks

    Yes I agree. Ample water change schedule. And good cleaning the fish will survive and people do stock alot in smaller tanks. One reason I am not a big fan of judgement on stocking. My concern is the large aggressive fish in a smaller tank. But I bet the tank looks great and with the right care...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    80% water change. Added more wood removed alot of over grown plants. Ignore the massive amounts of bladder snails. And cloudy from adding water! And now as I watch my two tidal 55 clear up the 40g. I'm thinking 3 angelfish would look nice in here! It's been in my plans for the future but maybe...
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    Are my new fish doing ok?

    I moved my 120g 3 months in alot of work. Make a plan and expect to add 3 hrs to your planned tine
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    Cycling reef tank...some advice

    Your nitrate will test super high with nitrites in the tank. Nitrate test turn the nitrates to nitrites to test nitrate level. So if nitrites are present nitrates will be super high
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    Treating for Ich: Do I need to disinfect my siphon between each water change?!?!

    It will lie dormant. But with the syphon pulling water no cyst will attach to the hose. And next use water will be pulled away from the hose to a new container. Then if cyst hatch first no water to move in and no living host the free swimming ich will die.
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