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    Diamond or Emperors?

    I'm considering a school of one of these for my tank, so any information is appreciated. Which of the two are your favorites? How do they do with larger tank mates (dojo loaches and a goldfish)? Smaller? Should I rehome the danios before I get the tetras? How big of a school is recommended? I've...
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    Question Dojo Loach Price Range

    I've gotten ahold of mine for about $7-$8 each. Were you keeping it in the 10 gallon? Dojos get way too big for that small of a tank. Plus, with your CAE I think you're fairly overstocked as it is.
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    20 Gallon Tank Ramdom pics of my fishies =3

    Both those guppies and your betta are gorgeous. I've never seen such colors on guppies before.
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    EBJD Photos

    Gorgeous fish! And add +1 to those jealous of your photo taking skills.
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    Important Sirius is pineconeing :( Betta

    He's incredibly pretty. I'm sorry that he's sick and I'll be hoping for a miracle for you and him.
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    First time posting pics-NERVOUS! My 7.5G cube

    It's so small and cute. I think it's the perfect little tank.
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    Loach time

    Thanks guys! And bassbonediva, I'm pretty sure they were complaining to eachother about that annoying flashing that kept going on. Hehe. Salad is adorable, until he starts misbehaving. lol
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    75 gallon journal: complete redo and hopeful breeding project

    Those are some absolutely gorgeous fish. I hope things have been looking up with the babies.
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    Currently Cycling 20G Long Tank

    The tank looks awesome and those rocks are super neat.
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    Loach time

    I've been neglecting taking pictures lately. Time to make up for that. Bonus! Two pics of Salad (Who's currently living up to his name after behaving himself and not touching my plants for weeks now. e_e)
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    Ryukin Goldfish Ceramic Pinch Pot (sneak peak!)

    So adorable! I want one
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    Question zebra danios and other danios?

    I have rosy danios with my golden zebra danio. They get along perfectly fine. The rosies are just a little bit larger.
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    Missing fish

    There's no way the can get into the filters, the intake slots are so tiny. And nope, no fish stuck in any ornaments. I'll keep an eye on my levels. The danios can go down to 70 fine and I keep my tank at 75 so it's not an issue of temperature and the dojos have never bothered the danios. Its...
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    Missing fish

    Aww man, you guys warned me about this and I didn't listen. So I have my goldfish and a couple days ago I'm counting Danios. Only four. Count again. Still only four. I'm missing one of each kind. I've tried drawing them out with food, I've tried searching for dead fish in the tank and...
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    Help fish missing

    I would hold off for at least a week or so and keep an eye on the other fish to see if they show any signs of sickness or infection. If they seem fine then maybe get only one paradise fish. They're known to fight with eachother so the stress of that probably killed the first one even though he...

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