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    Why is hybridization a bad thing?

    I agree with MySquishy. Just because an animal looks ugly or displeasing, does not necessarily mean it is bad in any way. In fact, it was people worrying about the looks of their pets that led to unhealthy breeds such as bulldogs and balloon mollies. If people had worried about their pets health...
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    Tropical Fish That Like to Play With Other Fish ?

    Loaches are known to interact with each other and other fish often. It is entertaining to watch them have little play fights over food, or clean the any food particles off the side of another fish. Sometimes, especially when kept with no other loaches, they will school with other fish species...
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    What is the most personable fish you have kept?

    Out of all the fish you have kept throughout your life which one was the most personable, friendly, and active around humans? For me it would be the young largemouth bass I had a while ago. It was eating from my hands just one week after I caught him, and it was always excited and active when I...
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    Whats the prettiest/best looking fish you've ever kept?

    The Red Rainbowfish, Glossolepis Incisus. So bright red that it literally looks like its covered in glitter. In term of cichlids, the Apistogramma Macmasteri red is quiet amazing in color and pattern. The melon barb is also quite pretty.
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    Ropefish care, diet, tank proofing etc?

    They are real scavengers in the wild, and will eat pretty much any meaty foods they can find. I wouldn't be surprised if they will eat freeze dried, but I would do frozen food instead.
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    How many more fish to add?

    You have plenty of stocking room left. The gouramis are fine with their current amount. I would do 6-12 of each of the schooling fish, and even then you might be able to fit more.
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    Stocking question

    To be honest the inch per gallon rule doesn't really work. That would indicate that you can keep a 10 arowana in a 10 gallon tank. Just use your's and other people's judgement to determine if a stocking plan will work. I agree with Spudsssy. A 35g is too cramped for a school of your typical...
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    Breedable algae eaters

    Hillstream loaches will eat algae that you put in the tank, as I have seen them do with algae wafers, but I mean they aren't going clean the tank of algae like they are commonly believed to do. The only algae they will eat is algae that has been messed with by humans in some way. If your looking...
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    Breedable algae eaters

    From what I have heard, Hillstream loaches don't actually eat algae. There body isn't adapted for eating algae off of surfaces like plecos, but is mainly adapted to hold on to surfaces so it is not swept away by the strong current waters they are native to. I believe hillstream loaches eating...
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    Angelfish companion

    Bolivian rams are too peaceful to harm your cories. Even if the rams pair up and breed, they rely more on intimidation than injury to protect their fry.
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    Angelfish companion

    I believe they can be kept singly and still be happy and healthy, but as with most fish species they do better with others of their own kind.
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    Angelfish companion

    Bolivian rams are very peaceful cichlids, even when breeding. They should be fine with cories and angels. Although you might run into some minor problems if the angels breed, and cories might eat bolivian ram eggs if they get the chance. Same with precox rainbows. The angels might show a little...
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    Angelfish companion

    Angels may or may not be able to eat the rummy nose tetras. Disappointingly, there is only one way to find out. Even if they can though, it depends on the temperament and habits of the angels. Some angels are more predatory than others. How many do you mean by a "couple" of angelfish. I would...
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    Stocking pre-cycled 10 gallon

    Yes, males and females have slightly different body shapes, and males are usually a bit more colorful and grow a bit bigger. There might be a few other minor differences.
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    Stocking pre-cycled 10 gallon

    True, but then that could pose the same problem of not knowing whether your getting male or female.
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