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    I Watched All My Fish Die Right In Front Of Me.

    API co2 booster contains glutaraldehyde. It is a biocide. Kills plants and animals slowly over time, and could kill a lot sooner if you overdose. Do not use. Not safe for humans as well.
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    All My Fish Are Dead

    Its sports talk for observation. Just because the stats are good doesnt necessarily mean a player is good and vice versa.
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    All My Fish Are Dead

    I would just do massive water changes every day until fish stops dying. At least 75%. Do the eye test, see if the fish are still struggling.
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    Help Please, Pale Betta, Ragged Fins

    Adding goldfish to a tropical tank is usually a bad idea.
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    Help Please, Pale Betta, Ragged Fins

    Not looking good. She may have dropsy.
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    Help Please, Pale Betta, Ragged Fins

    Your goldfish could be a problem. Im willing to bet your betta hasnt eaten well since you added the goldfish.
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    Healthy Betta?

    He looks healthy from the pic. Maybe he's just getting old and his metabolism slowed. That would be my guess.
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    Healthy Betta?

    Whats the temperature?
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    Molly Is Vertical And Platy Is Hiding

    Nice varied diet of live, frozen, and dry foods should help your cories back to health. I also recommend Fluval's bug bites as part of their daily diet.
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    Help!! Betta Sick And I'm Not Sure What It Is!

    Before you medicate him, try feeding him live blackworms and/or brine shrimp. I've had bettas make full recovery from random illness by simply adding live food.
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    Adding Conditioner To Water?

    I just fill first then condition. Doesnt seem like a big deal. I would imagine treating it first would be better tho.
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    Need Help Growing Algae

    ****! You probably have weak lights. If I left my lights for 24 hrours, my tank would become an algae farm
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    Excel is glutaraldehyde. It is a biocide. Long term use is harmful to both plants and fish. Do not use!
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    10g Stocking

    Pea puffers will torment large snails till they die. The snails just stay in their shell and rot away. Otherwise they are very picky eaters. Some have claimed to have their puffer eat bug bites which im willing to believe because all my fish go absolutely nuts for it
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    None! Unless you're using it to spot treat algae

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