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  1. My New 55 gallon "Angel Tank"

    Your tank is beautiful! Generally for tanks, 10 GPH per gallon is good. Since you are pushing your stock a little bit (not terrible, but still full) I don't think it would be a terrible idea to add another filter. Maybe 100-200 GPH? Just my opinion. The aquascaping in your tank is fantastic...
  2. We always talk about the amazing marbling gene, but...

    You may be thinking Jasper like Casper, the friendly ghost What about Kumo, Japanese for cloud?
  3. Betta ID :)

    It is kinda hard to tell because the flash makes him so shiny, but he looks like a Veiltail Mustard Gas to me.
  4. Poor Bristlenose Pleco :(

    Not sure, but they seem to dig around quite a bit. Sometimes I stir the sand up and there aren't any bubbles that I can see. I guess it is possible though.
  5. Poor Bristlenose Pleco :(

    I have sand. Would the gases not affect the other fish too? I also have a bunch of MTS that hitched rides on my plants. I think they are supposed to help with sand.
  6. Poor Bristlenose Pleco :(

    Well, today I walked into my room to check on my fishies after school. Mr. Pleco was sitting right at the front, VERY unusual for him! I was all excited to get to see him! He usually hides! Well, after a closer look, his eyes were foggy and he wan't moving. After a few pokes, I realized the poor...
  7. Question Is he a marble?

    I am no expert on betta genetics, but I think the marble and butterfly gene are somehow related. If you breed him I think there is some chance you will get some marbles. I really don't know though
  8. Important Stealth Heater Recall

    Hello Everyone! I have just received an important message from Foster and Smith Aquatics about Marineland Stealth Pro heaters (25W, 50 W, 75W) that were purchased since October 2009. It had been found that there is a wiring problem. It causes the heaters to overheat or break during normal...
  9. New Betta!

    He/she is very beautiful! Personally, I am leaning towards female as well. He/she just looks more feminine to me, but "looking" femanine isn't really enough I also think the no-flare is also another indicator to me... even bettas that are kept near each other all their lives (like a lot of...
  10. Mushu!

    I don't have any leaves, the transhipper is the one that had them in his bag water I think you can buy them off aquabid though.
  11. Mushu!

    He is hard to photograph, he moves too much! Let me try a video....
  12. Mushu!

    I don't know!! He seems to be pretty satisfied with his new diggs... lolz I am wondering if the indian almond leave stuff in his water has anything to do with it. Maybe betta drugs, making him feel all good and stuff? He also ate right out of the bag, most will not eat for a few days...
  13. Mushu!

    OH. MY. GOODNESS. He is building a bubble nest!!
  14. Mushu!

    I kinda doubt the gold will come back. Its dragoning, and i think it is just a shiny layer on top of his scales. Not sure that changes like the rest of his color. It changes a lot in the light though.... down on the bottom near the white sand he is more silver, on the top near the blue...
  15. Mushu!

    Here is the only photo I have managed to grab; he has been moving constantly. He attacked a bloodworm meal (wouldn't touch the pellets :/) He bas taken to sitting in his dragon mouth, sleeping in the plants, surfing on his filter current, and begging. Yep, he already figured out where the food...

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