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    75 gallon stand build?

    I did build the stand for my 75 gallon. I used this site.
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    Use historysecret15 when you check out for 15% off.
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    What kind of snail is this?

    It’s at least twice the size of any pond snail I’ve ever seen.
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    Did anyone go to the Carolina Aquatic Expo on April 3?

    It was really nice to have a local show happen. I wasn't needing any new fish, but I wanted some plants and inverts. I ended up with a bunch of various plants, a bag of a couple dozen blue velvet shrimp for $40 and 5 Mexican dwarf crayfish. Here's the one, bold crayfish who did not instantly...
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    Ideas for community fish ideas for a 36 bowfront

    I guess I should've put what's already in the tank... a pair of apistogramma borellii kuhli loaches (quantity unknown since they're always hiding) 5 panda cories 2 SAE 1 BN pleco
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    Ideas for community fish ideas for a 36 bowfront

    A few months ago I had a slight die-off in my 36BF. Now that I'm sure the parameters and everything are fine I'm looking to restock. I like to have something that isn't too common. The community fish that were previously in there were purple harlequin rasboras. I have pseudomugils and...
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    Georgia Aquarium?

    I found it to be quite underwhelming. Drive up I75 to Chattanooga and hit up that aquarium.
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    Teachers betta had food dumped in tank

    It's a good thing that wasn't done on a Friday afternoon, otherwise the tank could've fouled up pretty bad over the weekend.
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    Teachers betta had food dumped in tank

    Oh ya, certainly doing that
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    Teachers betta had food dumped in tank

    I don't think so. Her students know to leave the tank alone and all love Flipper. There is a possibility that some other, older students did it thinking they were being funny. We do have students from other schools on campus for after school sports too, but they really don't venture into the...
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    Teachers betta had food dumped in tank

    I got a frantic phone call this morning from a teacher who has a betta in a 10 gallon tank in her classroom. Someone had emptied a few hundred pellets into the tank at some point between the end of school yesterday and this morning. Judging by the amount of pellets that were on the bottom of...
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    Can Amano shrimp peacefully coexist with other cardina species?

    I've heard they can be real jerks.
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    Are my fish eggs still good?

    I just started putting a spawning mop in my pseudomugil gertrudae tank. Every morning I pick out the eggs and place them in a mesh breeder in a separate tank that has a heater, an air stone under the mesh breeder and methylene blue to keep them from fungussing. The eggs are clear when I put...
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    Has anyone used this baby brine shrimp hatchery?

    Put the salt and eggs in the black box and fill it with water all the way to the opening on the box. Put fresh water in the clear cup, place the rubber lid on it (not shown but has a small hole in the middle). When the BBS hatch they are attracted to the light coming through the lid of the box...
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