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    Help needed with a Freshwater Mussel

    Thanks for the help There is a lot of water movement in the tank, as well as an airstone. Since I go away on Thursday, I can't keep him any longer than today and tomorrow anyway, and I'll drop him off at the river again sometime before I go. Considering how much junk gets tipped into the river...
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    Help needed with a Freshwater Mussel

    First off, a quick hello to everyone - I've been off for like, 3 months while I've had exams and whatnot.... Anyway, onto this mussel - Okay, I found this little critter while I was dunking my hand in the river pulling out shells to draw for my new art project, and pulled him out while I was...
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    My finished aquarium

    Cool! I'm liking the 'ruins' theme - I bet your fish love it!!
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    dream fish?

    I went with lionfish too I dream of having even a sw setup, though. They're still a bit out of my league...
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    new tank

    212 litres is about 56 gallons, and it's recommended that you have 75 gallons for each adult oscar. They get very aggressive when they grow (and they grow very quickly!), and you'll find that two will end up fighting. Especially with other fish in there, you'll find that it will get a lot harder...
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    Best way to keep a pleco from getting lazy

    I drop in one algae wafer for my BN twice a day and a slice of cucumber every few days, which he shares with three or four other fish. With all fish though - if they're leaving food for longer than it says on the packet (usually about 2 hours for algae wafers) you should reduce the amount...
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    Newbie from Goulburn, NSW Australia

    Welcome!! I love planted tanks - pics would be much appreciated!!!
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    Ack.. no wonder my mil will never listen about her tank!

    She'll surely learn that she's doing something wrong, if you leave her to do her own thing. Something's bound to happen at some point, if it hasn't already. And, why say that it's just some conspiracy theory, then keep sending you water to test? :S
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    real or fake plants

    My clown loaches aren't too bad, but my oscar eats anything that I put in the tank. First my live plants, then silk ones, and now leaves are missing even from plastic plants. I think they only get uprooted in his attempts to devour them I'm still trying to find some sort of decoration that'll...
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    My own LFS

    Starting small and getting bigger would surely be a better option. It sounds like a great idea though, and I hope it all goes well for you. Teaching about fish would save customers money in the long run too (as they'd live longer, know how to treat disease, etc) so they'd be more likely to come...
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    Will is LOVING his new playground

    Wow! What a lucky little betta The tank looks great, and I'm sure he will live to enjoy it. He sounds like a tough little guy =D
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    Betta ate a ton of bloodworms - HUGE belly....

    Sorry to hear you lost him. You tried your best to help him, but sometimes there's nothing you can do. I know what it feels like to get attached to a fish, then to lose them I seem to get more attached if they're ill too, as they need so much more time and attention then. Sorry again....
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    Suggestions for half and half tank

    You could keep a couple of Fire Bellied Newts which are quite interesting. There are different sorts, one which grows to about 6cm and one which can grow to about 12cm though, so you'll need to research first. Tropical crabs could always be fun too. Neither need much swimming room, and both...
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    Happy Cory's?

    Mine were always up and about, digging around the gravel or playing in the bubbles. They used to scoot up for air every now and again too. Three together should be fine. Try adding an airstone if you don't already have one, as it adds oxygen to the water and they seem to enjoy playing in the...
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    Can I use ordinary wood as driftwood?

    I did think of using normal wood before, and left a piece, after washing it, in a tank of water (no fish!). Over the time it was in there, it coloured the water and started to rot. I'm sure it would be fine if it was covered in aquarium silicon or something... By the time you've done that...
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