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    Goldfish tank cloudy

    The only way a large volume water change could put your fish in shock is if they have become adjusted to filthy conditions. Even a 100% water change, from the same water source and conditioned, would not affect your cycle at all.
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    Arggg. I was hoping this would never happen.

    I have a 30 gallon that is not set up. If he starts harassing anyone else I'll probably just give him to a buddy. It just sucks because he is a beautiful fish.
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    Arggg. I was hoping this would never happen.

    After living together for 9 months, my 2 yr old convict decided he was going to murder my 1 yr old meeki. Once they reached the same size the convict decided it was time to kill my meeki. It only took him one day to pretty much eat him alive. My poor meekI wouldn't even defend himself. This is...
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    Male Black Convict Cichlid?

    Here is my male. Obviously he is blue. See the long pointed dorsal fin... He is 2 years old... A bit of a terror. Lol
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    What's your way of cycling a tank?

    I keep lots of extra filter floss in my secondary filter of my 55 gallon to seed any new tanks or friends tanks.
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    29 Gallon Perfect Stock List

    I have a 29 I'm not using, but you would need to live close by. It has a nice stand and all the items one would need.
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    More fun. Silicone seals giving way?

    I've stripped silicone and resealed three tanks. It's not too difficult.
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    Male Black Convict Cichlid?

    It's very difficult to tell from those pictures. Can you get one with the fish swimming horizontally? How big is the fish approximately? At first glance I'd say it is a male, but I can't say 100%
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    condensation on outside of tank

    Condensation is simply the opposite of evaporation. Molecules are having heat removed from them and changing from a gas to a liquid. There shouldn't be any damage short of calcium deposits which you can scrub off.
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    Reacape, input needed.

    Perhaps some kind of rock formation on the left side... Like a natural stacked section.
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    I would be comfortable doing it.
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    I think you could add 3 and just dose with prime for a week or so. You have a decent buffer with a 55 gallon.
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    Our 40 gallon breeder!

    Nice setup.
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    Ich On Betta?

    I can't tell from those pics. Does it look like salt?
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    What size is the aquarium? You have a bit more "wiggle" room with a larger tank.
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