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    Favorite Types Of Dogs

    I love Shihtzu had one that was very laid back. Currently have a yorkie. While he's very cute and intelligent and I love him lots, he's very high maintenance and lots of genetic health issues.
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    Daphnia culture alongside betta?

    Your betta would gorge itself before the daphnias are able to reproduce. I have a small 2 gallon critter keeper for culturing daphnias and it works very well. I do have a spare daphnia culture just in case the first one crashes.
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    Lone fancy, very gentle, should I get another?

    If you're attached to her, I'd leave her by herself. There's always so much to consider when bringing a new fish in if the new fish will get along, bring illnesses etc. For me, I always go by do not change what's not broken.
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    Rosy Red Minnows

    I just want to say they're wonderful fish! And yes they're active but not like danios active
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    Rosy Red Minnows

    Rosy reds are the cutest! I've a bunch of them in my 40 gallon stock tank. Some are 5 years old. I find that mine does best in not overly strong flow and definitely not as low as a betta. Medium flow is the best. Enjoy them!
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    Shame Tanks We Never Mention

    I've 3 shame tanks..My first shame tank is my 2.5 gallon lol.. picture above.. it's my marimo moss tank.. had them for 6 years... but getting lazy to maintain it because there are NO fish or snail or shrimp in it...the moss are growing out of shape and everywhere. I don't put them in my fish...
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    How many fish tanks do you have?

    Only 3. Two 5 gallons and one 40 gallon. Would like to keep it that way as I also have 2 birds and a dog with chronic condition.
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    Renewing A 46 Bowfront

    That's strange. Most of my bigger rosy are orangy in colour. Here's a pic:
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    Anyone adopted feeder fish as your fish pet?

    I've had my rosy reds for 4-5 years. I originally bought them for my waterlily tub outside to eliminate mosquito larvae but their cuteness grew on me over time. I started with 9 but a few died over the years probably from being old. None were sick or died from the original batch when I first...
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    Rosy Red Minnows As Pets?

    I love Rosies! I've 16 currently. 5 of them are 4-5 years old and still going strong! Some of the older ones are now huge about 3-4" long and their colour deepens in to a nice orangy colour. I originally bought mine for the 20 gallon waterlily tub outside because of mosquito larvae issues but...
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    Coldwater Advice

    I love rosy reds so I'd say rosy reds. They turn into a golden colour after a while. So easy to keep and not picky about what they eat. I have 9 in a 40 gallon and I have had them for 4-5 years now. And my oldest is still going. They've not bred for me as well which I liked because otherwise...
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    Thinking About Minnows.

    I love rosy reds. I've 9 of them in a 40 gallon. They're so underrated.
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    Renewing A 46 Bowfront

    I'm glad you got the rosy reds. I've 9 in my 40 gallon. Trust me some of them will colour up into golden color and my adults are all at least 2.5"-3" big and they're beautiful!
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    Bloated Betta?

    Fast him for 3 days. If you're feeding peas feed only a little bit after that but not during the fast. It'll just add on to what they need to digest. Bettas however do better with daphnia as a laxative than peas.
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    Betta With Chronically Torn Fins

    It's probably that log that you have in there. I took out all my betta's caves in 2 tanks that I'm finding torn fins. They're almost always the culprit. If you run a pantyhose through it and around it I'm sure you'll find some snags. I sanded my betta caves down and it still tears their tails so...
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