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    What is this sore?!

    I’ve had this clownfish for a few months, just recently moved it over from a 55gallon to a 10gallon a few days ago because it was attacking my other clownfish. It’s tank mates are a cleaner shrimp and a emerald crab. Since the introduction to the new tank, it’s been hanging around the heater. I...
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    Blue tuxedo urchin with orange spot?!

    I have had my blue tuxedo urchin for about a month but just noticed this weird orange spot on it, I’m worried it’s a parasite. I have a 55 gallon tank, lots of other invertebrates, 10 fish, and plenty of algae for the urchin to eat. All my water parameters are at 0ppm. Google doesn’t have a lot...
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    Hair algae!

    Haha i have a saltwater tank, those little guys will die
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    Hair algae!

    I have so much hair algae in my tank, it’s on the glass, it’s on the filter intake stick, and on my live rock. I have invertebrates, a blenny and a Goby but none of them are keeping up with the hair algae. What should i do? I have a 55 gallon tank, nine fish, and I started the tank two months...
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    New blue tuxedo urchin!

    I’ve gotten a new blue tuxedo urchin. I have a lot of different types of algae in my tank however I read online that you need to give the urchin supplements of calcium or iodine. Can someone please explain to me what this is about? I don’t fully understand and when ever I google it, nothing...
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    What is this growth on live rocks?

    Is this growth on my live rock good or bad? The live rock has been in my tank for about a month. There’s about 40lbs of rock. I don’t leave the lights on often, I leave the white led light on from 10am-7pm, then a blue moonlight from 7pm-12am. I turn all lights off after that until 10am.
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    What is wrong with my new green chromis?

    Just got these green chromis today, they’re in a QT. Doesn’t look like ich but what should I use and what could it be?
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    Is my clownfish okay?

    I have a 55 gallon tank, 40lbs of live rock, 60lbs of live sand. My tank has properly cycled, I put in a Scooter Goby, purple firefish, Wyoming white clownfish, and black Ocellaris all from the same LPS. The Wyoming white is about double the size of the black clownfish. It was attacking the...
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    Are my Clownfish pairing or fighting?

    It’s a 55 gallon fish only, they were introduced together, they’re fed live food, flakes, and pellets on different days, i always feed them when they’re not near each other. I think they developed territories but they don’t seem that official yet.
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    Are my Clownfish pairing or fighting?

    I recently bought a Wyoming White Clown and what seems to be a Black Ocellaris. The Black is about 1” and the Wyoming white is maybe 2”-3”, the white is much larger and keeps on attacking the little black clown. So my guess is that the white is trying to dominate for pairing. I’m not sure if...
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    Only eating frozen?!

    I got a Wyoming White Clownfish, a regular Black Ocellaris, a Scooter Goby, and Purple Firefish from my LPS a few days ago. The LPS fed them frozen food twice a day. I want my fish to have a variety of food by feeding them all types of food, but they won’t eat pellets or flakes. What should I...
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    Water change question!

    I just finished cycling my 55 gallon tank and it has 50lbs of live rock. I cycled it with Dr Tim’s ammonia, table shrimp, and the ghost fish food method. My ammonia and nitrites have spiked and decreased. Nitrate has been readable. Should I do a water change before I put new fish in, or should I...
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