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    Emergency: new 4" oranda at the bottom of tank

    I'm going to place a water heater then. She is taking some swims now but is disoriented.
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    Emergency: new 4" oranda at the bottom of tank

    Got a new oranda in the mail yesterday. I acclimated her for almost an hour (placed her in tank with bag. Added bits of water. Then taking some of the bag water out). Since the moment she was out of the bag has been at the bottom of tank. At times trying to swim but unable. Fed her unshelled...
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    Homemade Fish Food Recipes?

    Lol...I am the girlfriend but also the one with 13 tanks so, I rather burn my blender fixing this recipe than do it by crashing ice for a cocktail or a smoothy...both have too many calories .
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    Help! Goldfish seizure, motionless, not eating

    I got my juvenile goldfish a week ago and she did something very similar at first. Then it stopped the next day. But now, she seems to have some bacterial or digestive disease. One thing I noticed was how quickly she started to develop black spots all over her body. At first I thought it was...
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    Lonely Angelfish

    Can you see it in the one I attached?
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    Lonely Angelfish

    Oh gosh...I think I know what may have killed him: dropsy. I think my goldfish has it now (it is stayingat the top, almost not movingand the scales seem more prominent) . I isolated her in a 30 gl tank with cycled water ( 7.8 ph, 0 nitrite but it was high on nitatre since I was cycling it- so I...
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    Lonely Angelfish trying to replicate the natural environment, I added almond leaves and driftwood but the ph seems to be too high for the angel's liking (7.8+) should I use a lowering agent?
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    Wondering what everyone looks like?

    I guess I do look like my fish. At least my tri-color oranda golfish (my hair is tri-color too at the moment)!
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    Lonely Angelfish

    It is a square one. Since my other angel died, I feel that they might be too delicate and if he/she doesn't like the other angel, it will be stressed and die. No other tank mates at the moment. But I have a month and a half mollies that eventually would need to be split into other tanks (8 in a...
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    Thick lip gourami long stringy feces

    Look normal to me too. My platies used to break the record when I first got them (over fed br previous owner).
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    Community Tank

    I'll send you a picture (I am still trying to figure out how to attach my video clips)
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    Community Tank

    Ok. I am buying the same filter as in the video to add to my other 3 filters for that tank (topfin 30 to 70, homemade water bottle media, and sponge filter). And I am waiting for 4 more Corys and 8 cardinals...I am very excited about this tank now. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Lonely Angelfish

    One of my two angelfish died. The remaining one is a very young one (an inch long). He/she is in a 30 gl cycled, planted tank and it looks lonely. I am scared to try another angel so I am open for stocking suggestions. Thanks
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    Angelfish scaling?

    Not at all. The juvenile is doing fine. I think he was still sort of in shock from his new environment and either a water change or something else stressed him even more.
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