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    Sudden fish death

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will look it up. As you said, its probably more accurate. I did weekly water changes and I changed about 40%. Except for the first 2 weeks of starting my tank because of cycling.
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    Sudden fish death

    Hi, i am using 5 in 1 EasyStrips from Tetra. You are right 0pmm nitrates means its not cycled. I think i got confused with nitrite.From my results of the strips. Nitrate wasn't white but a little pink which it might be 20 or below 20 according to the markings. My tank has been running for...
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    Sudden fish death

    Hello, i am hoping someone can help me figure out what might have caused the death of my 2 Tetras. One week ago one of my glowfish tetras died unexpectedly. I noticed what it seemed bleeding in its belly. At first i thought it might have gotten stocked in the filter. Today, i got up to find my...
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    Hello everyone! I am excited to have found a forum where I can interact with people that share my same hobby. I am excited to share my experiences with freshwater fish as well as learn more about this rewarding hobby. Although I have kept an aquarium for 3 years I still consider myself a...
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