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    I use a toothbrush
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    Mostly curiousity, mostly

    Yeah it would . . . My family has a friend who has a big tub in his basement with large catfish in it. An option for something of that size would be a sump. A pretty basic design is used on that catfish pond ... I believe its a 40 gallon plastic pool raised up on some scaffolding and...
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    Non-aquarium decorations

    Those are fine...Rinse em well though.
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    Can i get anything with this Oscar?

    I have an oscar with a big green severum ... and a jack dempsey.
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    Anyone have any of these fish before?

    Does wolf fish mean dovii? I have a couple of those. My familys big tanks are all in our basement, because the floor couldn't handle 500+ gallons....but cement foundations can... None of my fish seem to spook when the lights are flipped on, but we have a dimming system in our basement that we...
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    The things you hear at the pet store

    Most of the people who apply to petsmart really have no intention of working with's all for the dogs and cats. They end up in that department without knowing what it means. Then they follow the book by what they say....hence the 3 fish schools. The book petsmart employees are...
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    Planted 90 gallon

    Incredible tank! I really like the spacing with the wood in relation to the plants!
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    Behind the scenes

    That's sums it up
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    Behind the scenes

    The blue comes out of a (I'm not exactly sure, my memory escapes me) 'jungle labs' brand tablet that is used to detoxify the water. That was one of the first questions I asked. It helps keep the fish from seeing eachother, makes the water look a little bit cleaner, and Lucy is
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    Over Seeding?

    That's exactly what I mean. They will be moved to a 55 within a week to a week and a half once I'm allowed the truck to move the tank/stand. Temporary solution with my 2.5, but I'd like it to be as free of stress as possible. The fish are coming from a friends tank, which is being torn down...
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    Ph 4

    Reducing pH is kind of annoying... If you're able to get your pH down to 4 and keep it stable, please share what you've done...that would be quite the feat.
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    Over Seeding?

    If I seed a new 2.5 gallon dorm tank with a small filter (with nothing but bio media) that's been running on my larger red devil tank... The bacteria are going to die, because the bio load is going to drop significantly. Would that cause a cycle in itself, or could the remaining bacteria...
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    MTS Quarantine?

    I kept a BOATLOAD of MTS in a bucket for a few days. No big deal, I don't think even one of them died. I just threw a big chunk of cucumber in there, and got on with the transport
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    From a Pre-Newbie about tank water

    I see that getting really old, really fast. I'd never be able to justify buying so much water...but I guess I do weekly changes. Good to hear you're starting your children up on such a nice hobby! Do it right the first time, and it won't be long till you have a few more aquariums around the...
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    Behind the scenes

    I've never seen a cup that gave such bad advice. Surely that wasn't a petsmart betta. Our cups are blank, at least. I don't know why I keep saying 'ours' I no longer work there
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