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    Question When should I do a water change?

    I set up my 65 gallon planted aquarium earlier this year (February). After I got through the first nitrogen cycle, got the Co2 tank working right and added some fish and plants, everything finally came together by April. I know I need to do a water change, and probably should have by now, but...
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    65 gallon freshwater planted aquarium
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    10 Gallon Tank Help Please!

    I feel your frustration! I too had enormous problems getting my tank to cycle. The best advice I got at my local pet store and here, was to add bacteria to the tank. Having crystal clear water isn't good or healthy for your fish. In addition to adding bacteria, it was recommended to add more...
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    Important Public Announcement To People Wanting Carpets:

    Fahn, Thank you so much for your post. I am cycling a new 65 gallon aquarium with high hopes for it to be a healthy planted aquarium. I have done all the things you mentioned from substrate, fertilizer, CO2 tank, Orbit marine programmable LED light and I can't get anything to grow. My plan was...

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