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    Nerite snail keeps lying upside down...

    Perfectly normal behavior in Nerite snails. I have seen mine motionless for days and then they're back at gazing around. Pepetj Santo Domingo
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    Just got my seachem prime how much?

    5ml of Seachem's Prime will treat 50 gallons of water. I use a syringe for small tanks (1ml for 10gals). You can add it to the tank before adding untreated water with no ill effects, that's how I dose it. No need to test for it. Pepetj Santo Domingo
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    AquaticLife Fixture Bulbs

    If you want to downgrade you could just use one tube (either will keep plants growing, the daylight or the roseate, your choice); if you still have too much light with one tube, consider replacing the High Output (24W) with High Efficiency (or Normal Output, 14W). Which type of algae are you...
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    Crypt Parva Pearling

    Nice! It was indeed a thrilling moment when I witnessed pearling for the first time. Pepetj Santo Domingo
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    10 Gallon Tank Lighting for floating plants and Mollies

    Duckweed will probably grow with low light, just not multiply as fast as with higher light and that may be an advantage. Duckweed definitely will be hard to remove later on but it does help a lot in keeping not only ammonia but nitrates at low levels. Why not try it? If further down the road...
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    Breeder box to new Diy Convict fry Tank

    Convicts are great parents. There's no need for a breeder box with these fish, just make sure they have some territory in the tank for themselves or they will likely attack and kill tank mates as they protect their offspring. I witnessed Convicts adopting Hybrid Mbuna fry in one of my tanks. I...
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    10 Gallon Tank Lighting for floating plants and Mollies

    Most 24" long fixtures should work fairly well for your purposes. Be it a linear fluorescent or LED fixture. For 24" (60cm) fixtures, High Output linear fluorescent lamp is rated at 24W while a Normal Output (usually listed as HE for High Efficiency) is rated at 14W. There are several LED...
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    Plant ID? Please? :)

    Hygrophila corymbosa Pepetj Santo Domingo
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    Moonlight LEDs

    As far as I know, the light spectrum that resembles "real" moonlight in LED is 643n-m. That said, I doubt I could tell the difference between 650n-m and a 630n-m LED, but that's me, not sure if fish and inverts could. I don't use moonlights during all the night time but for a few hours...
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    Moving my crayfish into a bigger tank.

    This is what I would do: no need to use old water as long as you match temperature as close as possible. Instant cycling will occur if you use the old substrate mixed with the new one as well as decor from the small tank. Then you place as much filter media from the small tank filter inside the...
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    Is this ich?

    Certainly looks like it but... it could also be Velvet since both look similar. Good luck with treatment. As this is a Saltwater tank I suggest you don't increase temperature as a way of treatment. Hopefully Saltwater experts will come to help Pepetj Santo Domingo
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    Sexing red rainbows

    There are two species of red rainbow fish. Red Salmon Rainbowfish (Glossolepis incisus ) and Millennium Rainbowfish (G pseudoincisus ). The latest is actually more intense red. Females of both don't show any reddish coloration, they display somewhat silvery-olive colour. Looks like you have one...
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    I'd like to pick your brains... planted aquarium ??

    I think you're covered with livestock. As for plants native to SE Asia: Cryptocorine species. If you want you could mix and match for a nice coloration variety. Cryptocoryne WendtiI comes in green, bronze, red and even a colorful variety named "Florida Sunset". Somewhat slow growing but easy...
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    Is this a female Boesemani rainbow fish

    Welcome to Fishlore Jlam! Pepetj Santo Domingo
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    film on top of water? and a few other questions...

    There's a way complex set of biological events that occur while a saltwater tank is being cycled. It's not only common but expected to witness several types of "blooms" in a newly set Saltwater tank. As far as I know (my Saltwater experience is limited to a nano reef I kept for almost one...
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