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    Red Ember or Chil Rasbora...

    I just think they have more vibrant colors and you could get a bigger school and that would look more impressive.
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    Red Ember or Chil Rasbora...

    I vote chili rasboras all the way.
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    65 Gallon Tank More panda problems...

    Pictures, please! Red gills sound like gill flukes maybe, or bad parameters. While the flashing either means bad parameters or internal or external parasites. I don't think internal parasites would work that fast and external parasites would probably be fairly obvious so I think it's probably...
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    Keeping an apple or mystery snail on its own

    probably wouldn't even realize it's alone. I moved my two mystery snails from my 5 gallon to my 20 gallon and I don't think they've realized they have more space.
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    You might have a problem with fishkeeping if...

    Your friends know you as the "fish guy" and send memes like
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    Zebra Danio Mouth Locked Open (blockage removed)

    yay. this happens to my porkchop rasboras often
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    20 Gallon Tank Is it better to overstock than to leave my Cory Cat alone?

    All overstocking does is forces you to do more water changes and change a higher percentage of water. Leaving the cory cat in the stressful situation of being alone isn't worth it, you should either rehome the cory cat or get a few more and change the water more frequently or change a higher...
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    Help! I don’t know why my fish are dying

    Chinese algae eaters will destroy your other fishes slime coat if it isn't fed enough.
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    those tanks are poppin! Welcome to Fishlore.
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    Is my fish pregnant

    If there are males in the tank she is probably pregnant. She doesn't look super pregnant if she even is. They are usually pregnant for about 1 month before giving birth.
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    Bearded algae everywhere! Help!

    You could try hydrogen peroxide at 2 mls per gallon every 3 to 4 days with a 40-50% wc after dosing. This may work.
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    Most over rated and under rated fish

    What was that? I don't speak peasant Rasbora.
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    “That’s to many”

    That's astonishing! Mine peddles 1-gallon tanks and bowls galore. Good on your Petco.
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    Most over rated and under rated fish

    it has come to this... I have no words...
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    Most over rated and under rated fish

    your rassies got nothin on my porkchops.
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