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  1. What Should I Put In My 60 Gallon Tank?

    I just got a new 60gallon freshwater tank and I need some ideas on what to stock it with. Any suggestions? So far I’ve been thinking of putting fancy goldfish... I also have 110 gallon aqueon canister filter..
  2. Betta In Community Tank?

    Ohh I see but that’s not the case for my gouramis, I had them for two months and they are doing perfectly fine. I’m glad their on the peaceful side, thanks for the info !
  3. Betta In Community Tank?

    Haha really but their so tiny
  4. Betta In Community Tank?

    Ah ok so they fight with gouramis.. my main concern was fighting between other tankmates but that’s good to know thank you! Also just wondeing but why is it better to have one gourami? 50 gallons
  5. Betta In Community Tank?

    I have a heavily planted community tank and lately I’ve been thinking of adding a male betta in it, however I’m scared it may attack my other fish. Here is a list of the fish in my tank as of now: -8 guppies -6 pink danios -5 neon tetras -5 rummynose -5 albino cories -3 dwarf gouramis -3 balloon...
  6. Tons Of Guppy Fry

    Yeah where I am the females are 3.50 and the males are 5-7$ each depending on their patterns. One time I saw males with large beautiful tails but were sold $20 each, its crazy. So sounds like your getting a way better deal then the rest of us haha
  7. Tons Of Guppy Fry

    You could go on Craigslist and sell them for a dollar each. People will probably buy them considering their like 5 dollars each at pet stores
  8. Is My Guppy Pregnant?

    Ok so she is pregnant... so is it ok to take her out of the breeder box even if there’s more males then females in my tank? Because I heard of there are more males then the female might die.
  9. Is My Guppy Pregnant?

    i just got a female guppy from the pet store but by the time I got home I noticed she looked pregnant. Is this true because I was hoping I can breed her with one my male cobra guppies. Here are some pictures..
  10. All My Fish Are Dead

    Just an update, my tank has now killed off another guppy and my new Molly fish I had for about two weeks. I tested everyday and I still can’t figure out what is going on... this is so frustrating. Readings are Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrites: 0ppm Nitrates: 20ppm and my pH has lowered from 7.6 to 6.4...
  11. All My Fish Are Dead

    Nope my frogs are totally fine with my guppies. They were together in a 10 gal for about six months and none of my guppies died. Even if that were the case I don’t know what I would do.. if the fish died due to the tank not being cycled what should I do with the remaining fish?
  12. All My Fish Are Dead

    The PH was only .2 difference... Yeah there was only a .2 difference between the PH’s Thank you (( And no I didn’t quarantine the new fish because I don’t have another tank to place them in. The fish that died were acting kind of strange, like swimming on the top, motionless. As for the...
  13. All My Fish Are Dead

    Nope I had gravel I know I’m so confused and I’m afraid my newly bought fish will die too
  14. All My Fish Are Dead

    I use the API freshwater master kit Here’s my tank My new fish are balloon mollies (5), neon tetras (5) and albino corydoras (6)
  15. All My Fish Are Dead

    The source of ammonia was the aqua soil and it made it go up to 8ppm. I added my already owned guppies (6) and amano shrimp (5). The parameters after the fish died was ammonia: 0ppm nitrites:0ppm and nitrate:10ppm

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