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    When to add conditioner

    I just add my conditioner directly to the tanks as I refill. Never had a problem.
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    Corydoras with Gravel

    I use small smooth gravel in three tanks. My cories are always swimming about, hunting for food. They have reproduced in community tanks, and I have not had any problem with the barbels. I've had the same schools for about three years.. So I have no problem with smooth gravel. I have peppers...
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    Best tank for Golfish

    I was leaning toward the fancy goldfish, so I guess I'm good to go! Now I'm off to seal the leak.... Thanks
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    Best tank for Golfish

    I'm interested setting up one of my spare tanks for a goldfish or two. I've got lots of experience with tropicals, but only had a common Goldie as a kid. It actually lived for years in a bowl, as I remember! Anyway, I have a 40 gallon breeder and a 40 gallon hexagonal. I'd love to use the tall...
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    Cobalt Aquatics Fish Food

    NLS also carries a flake which I've used and the fish seemed to have loved them.
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    Cobalt Aquatics Fish Food

    I was just browsing through a catalog from Dr Fosters and Smith and noticed a pelleted and flaked food from Cobalt Aquatics. The ingredients seem great and I was wondering if anyone has tried them. There's one post from last year, but limited replies.
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    Some shots from the world of the small.

    Just beautiful. Thanks!
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    Thinking About Canister Filters...

    Oh I am definitely getting a canister. I meant I won't buy a sunsun.
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    Thinking About Canister Filters...

    I've been reading about the sunsun and just can't bring myself to invest. There are some good reviews, though, and I may eventually purchase one to try out on one of my smaller tanks.
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    Thinking About Canister Filters...

    Never heard of Sun Sun! I would really like an easy set up as well.
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    Thinking About Canister Filters...

    Thank you both for your quick replies. I will look into the eheim as well. The fluval is on sale at dr foster/smith for $106 including shipping. I thought that was a great price.
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    Thinking About Canister Filters...

    Hi all.. Haven't been here for a while 'cause I had some fish housecleaning to do! Now I am thinking about a Fluval 306 external cannister for my 55 gallon. That is presently my largest tank and I'm running 2 aquaclear 70's. I have aquaclears on all my tanks and am basically happy with their...
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    Do/Would You Use Melafix on a Betta

    I have and have never had a problem.
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    Question topfin 100W heater has water in it

    Topfin heaters are guaranteed.. you should be able to get a free replacement at your local petsmart.
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    20 Gallon Tank 20 G long or normal

    I agree with all of the above! I love my 20 long!

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