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    Wondering if Anyone Owns the Fluval Flex 15g?

    I have the 32 and love it. I modded the filter a little to add more. For the lid I bought arm bar type things on Etsy that hold the lid up while you work on it. I got white and the only thing I don't like is that the diatims/algae really shows on the white background. Otherwise it's a great...
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    Unknown Fry in tank

    Yep looks like a guppy. I just set up my indoor tank and moved a bunch of hornwort from outdoor pond. The next day I had like 10 baby guppies in the new pond from hitchhiking.
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    Ghost Shrimp Turning White and Dying

    Sorry. I have never had a ghost shrimp last more than a few weeks. They are 25 cents at my LFS. They don't get eaten, they just die. I would go with hardier shrimp like an amano but they cost much more.
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    Aquarium stand safe?

    Yeah, that looks pretty solid. Should easily hold a 10g.
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    30 Gallon Tank Is it possible to add these fish to this tank?

    You could definitely add a BN pleco or a school of cories. 1 angel fish may be OK for awhile but you may eventually need to move it to a bigger tank. I'm sure assuming you are keeping the tank pretty hot for the GBR so be careful what corys you put in the higher temps.
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    8 day power outage in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida

    Good lessons. I have backup batteries to run an air stone in case of power outages. I'll gladly take some of your EBAs and angels. :)
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    Lone Hatchetfish

    Sorry about the fish. AZ Aquatics is terrible. I was going to place an order with them once then read reviews. Awful awful company. I would just rehome the hatchet. Easy.
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    20 gal stocking?

    If those are the only 2 fish you can add more of each easily. Just know you will barely ever see the kuhlis. I would research which you fish you like and see if they are compatible with each other. Also Google 20g community stocking ideas. For example one of my 20gs has kuhlis, apistos, dwarf...
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    Api quickstart work instantly?

    I did this when I set up my first tank not knowing much about the cycle. I lost 3 zebra danios in the first 3 days. I still feel bad about those fish. BTW - I was going to wait awhile but LFS said sure go ahead. Lesson learned. There are some who have done the Seachem Prime and stability combo...
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    Driftwood websites ?

    Houston Manzanita has a lot of different woods. Shipping can be pricey. Etsy also.
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    Some good options for a mini pond container?

    I bought a 40 gallon Tuff Stuff oval pond to set up in the basement to overwinter my small deck pond fish. It was like $55. I was worried about using a tote from Home depot.
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    Help! Kuhli in heater?

    I don't know how you would get it out. Hopefully it worked its way in, it can find its way out.
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    What Do I Put In My Mini Pond?

    Thanks for the update and kind words. It has been awesome. I have had a few days of worry where it got to about 85 degrees. I use one of those digital thermometers. Luckily I haven't had any issues with animal's so never had to cover. I lost 1 guppy right at the beginning but that was the only...
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    Trying to cycle a tank with established sponge filter

    I aways do this with filter media. I do add some Fritz 7 BB and use Prime and they are basically cycled. Test every day for a week or so just to be safe. I have never had any fish die and have done this for 4 consecutive tanks.
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    I can't tell if my nerite snail is dead.

    Mine was about a week with no movement then the smell came.
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