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    Can anyone identify this cichlid?

    got this guy today (orange one) unsure of what its name is only know it had dragon in it
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    Silver Sharks Rubbing each other Up???

    I have 3 bala sharks and 2 of them are constantly swiming side by side rubbing up against each other does anyone know what this is? is it a mating or breeding thing?
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    anyone know about saulosi and acei cichlids?

    I recently bought 2 bright yellow saulosI cichlids and 1 aceI cichlids I purchased them because I heard they were smaller and less "aggressive". will either of the yellow ones changed colour if they're male or female? or are the males completely different? a bit off topic but is it true if a...
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    is this too overstocked????

    noone seems to be it too small bc there will have to be lots of maintence? fighting? can the tank stay the way it is if there were regular gravel cleans and water changes??
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    is this too overstocked????

    the picture on my avatar should give u a clearer idea of what my tank looks like
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    is this too overstocked????

    I have a 30 gallon setup its about 62x38.5x45cm 30 gallon tank with plenty of rocks and ornaments on the bottom with cichlids 2 x convicts 2 x re forest jewel 2 x auratus 2 x aceI 2 x soulosI 3 x bala sharks 1 x blue guaramI (adult full grown) 1 x angel........things seem ok all the species seem...
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    FREAKSHOW Texas Cross Convict cichlids living in my community tank

    so basically there is no way they can co-exist ever? even tho they have been surrounded by them since they were very tiny? I haven't had an aquarium for a very long time I'm just very naive that I can try and change they're nature and living in a false pretence that if you train a lion or any...
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    FREAKSHOW Texas Cross Convict cichlids living in my community tank

    Has anyone ever heard of this before???????.......I had an already set up tropical community tank with lots of rocks its a 40 gallon tank. getting bored with what I have (silvers sharks) (angels) ) (clown Loaches) (Blue guarami) after seeing my friends Cichlid tank I purchased 2 baby Convict...
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    Cichlids-why cant everyone just get along

    ive only had my tank a few weeks and only discovered this site a few days ago so sorry if I am posting a lot of problems but I bought a cichlid last week (a jack dempsy x convict) and he is about 2cm's and today I bought another of the same breed who is very slightly smaller than him and within...
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