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  1. Blood Parrot Tanks

    Thank guys. I was reading that they are very peaceful fish. How do they do with goldfish? Would I be able to keep my 3 goldfish with a pair of blood parrots in a 75?
  2. Blood Parrot Tanks

    Hello everyone. I am most likely getting my 2nd tank soon with the holidays coming up and I want to start a blood parrot tank. I was thinking of maybe a 55 or a 75. How many could a fit in each? Do they need anything special?
  3. Question Water Changes/Priming Goldfish Tank

    Yes I mean prime the conditioner. So I add prime after every time I change the water?
  4. Question Water Changes/Priming Goldfish Tank

    Hello everyone. If you have seen any of my posts you know I'm a rookie aquarist. I'm currently cycling my tank. I added TSS on Tuesday. So after my tank is cycled I was wondering how often I should do partial water changes? When should I prime the water? Should I prime it after a water change...
  5. How to Use Tetra Safe Start

    I'm going to use TSS today for the first time. I was talking to another member and he told me to prime my water, wait 24 hours, and add the TSS. Do I just poor the TSS in the tank? Or should I do it in my filter?
  6. Help Specs on Goldfish/Cycle Tank

    So should I treat the ICH with the current water then restart my tank after I get the ICH taken care of?
  7. Help Specs on Goldfish/Cycle Tank

    I'm a new aquarist. When I set up my tank about a week ago I didn't know about the Nitrogen Cycle or anything. I came here doing research and found out everything I should do. So after work today I'm changing 100% of my water. Then I'm gonna prime it and wait 24 hours. After that I'm gonna add...
  8. Help Specs on Goldfish/Cycle Tank

    I am restarting my tank tomorrow and today my fish got these white spots on them. I'm changing 100% of my water, priming it,waiting 24 hours, and then adding TSS. could those spots be Ick? If I'm changing all my water will it get rid of it? What should I do?
  9. Help I Need Help With My New Tank!!!!!

    Hello everyone. I'm a new aquarium owner and I need help. I started my 30 gallon tank on the 8th. I have a Oranda Goldfish and 2 Panda Butterfly Goldish. I joined here to make sure I fully understand how to make my tank safe for my fish. Now on here I was told about the Nitrogen Cycle. I...
  10. Panda Butterfly Goldfish

    I don't feed them a lot. That's what they have looked like since I got them. How can you tell if a fish is unhappy? That's sarcastic and serious at the same time
  11. Check Out My Ferrets

    When mine are out of the cage they never sit still lol
  12. What are your top 3 animals?

    1. German Shepherds 2A. Chinchillas 2B. Ferrets
  13. Biscuit the little hedgehog

    My girlfriend wants one but they're illegal in PA =(
  14. What Kind of Goldfish Is This?

    Thanks so much guys. I wont be able to start this until Friday, but when I do I'd like to double check witj you to make sure I'm doing everything right, if that's okay with you guys. Again thank you so much
  15. What Kind of Goldfish Is This?

    Should I use prime after I finish the cycle? Or just every time I make a partial water change?

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