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    Stock for 20 g with harlequin rasboras

    It depends on the individual personality of the betta. My community betta likes to swim close and stare at the shrimp, then he swims off. But an aggressive betta can try to kill everything in the tank. It's always a good idea to have a backup plan if you want to try a betta. You can tell a lot...
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    Stock for 20 g with harlequin rasboras

    I agree that honeys would make a great centerpiece, and you could increase your rasboras to 10-12. Shrimp are always great, and habrosus corys are my favorites of the dwarf cory species because they putter around the bottom of the tank more like standard corys. The other dwarf species are cute...
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    29 Gallon Tank 29G Stocking Advice - Guppies, Kuhlis, Glass Cats

    Do you want an excuse for a second tank? Because I've been down that road. I actually chose a betta as a centerpiece because I figured if it didn't work out I'd be forced to get out the 5g and then I'd have another tank . But the little stinker is loving community tank life, so I'll have to find...
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    5 Gallon Tank Repurposing Glofish tank

    I am useless when it comes to saltwater shrimp. I know amano breed in brackish water, so maybe you can keep them with brine shrimp? You might want to start a new thread in the invertebrates section to ask about fresh vs. saltwater shrimp communities.
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    5 Gallon Tank Repurposing Glofish tank

    I'm tempted to set one up for my classroom when I get back there. I do have an empty 5g right now that I was considering a betta for, but it would be fun for my students to see the different shrimp species. We can talk environmental adaptations, cohabitation, etc... the pitfalls of being a...
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    Electric blue acara tank mates 50gallon

    I have an empty 30g and 40b in my classroom that I can't wait to set up! It's been torture sitting on those empty tanks for the last year (I got one just before COVID, and rearranged home tanks shortly after so I could take the 30g to school as well). But it's given me a lot of time to research...
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    5 Gallon Tank Repurposing Glofish tank

    I've seen a few very cool multi-shrimp tanks, where the "centerpiece" is a large shrimp like bamboo or vampire, then there are a few mid-sized amano shrimp and a colony of tiny neocardinias.
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    5 Gallon Tank Repurposing Glofish tank

    Fishlore says up to 4 male endlers will work in a 5 gallon. They have a "stocking list for 5 gallon aquariums." I'd make sure it's planted (real or fake) to give some interest and natural feel to the smaller tank. Stocking List for 5 Gallon Aquariums: Stocking List For 5 Gallon Nano Aquariums |...
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    29 Gallon Stocking

    I would suggest at least 8 kuhlis if you can. The more you have, the more confident they'll be and the more you'll get to see them. They also have very low bioload. I'd stick with one honey as well to be on the safe side. That leaves you room to expand your cherry barb school or upside-down...
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    5 Gallon Tank Repurposing Glofish tank

    Zebras are too busy, unfortunately. They're recommended for a 20-30 gallon minimum. I bet a small group of endlers would look good under blue light, or a small school of green neons, plus some white and/or striped neocardinia shrimp.
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    15 Gallon Tank Suggestions rescuing a betta and 5 neon tetras.

    All of my past bettas have been very graceful and regal, and my current boy Squirrel is ridiculous. He darts everywhere and especially likes swimming into the top of the outflow and getting blown down to the sand. It's a 20 long and the only place with any real current is right at the outflow...
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    Tell me your Full ~20 gallon stockings!

    My 20L has a male betta, 10 tiny cardinals, 6 black neons, 9 kuhlis, and 5 otos. It's a full tank for sure, but well planted, with weekly water changes, and bright, active fish.
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    30 Gallon Tank Fish that look like vampire tetra but are smaller

    Have you checked out "Stocking List: Oddballs and Mini Monsters" at the top of the stocking page? It has some random ideas that might interest you.
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    29 Gallon Tank Stocking ideas

    The temp requirements of those fish don't have a lot of overlap. Rummies bottom temp is about equal to the panda's top temp, and it's never good to keep a species at the far end of their habitable range. Honey gouramis temp range would be compatible with either the rummies or the pandas, so I...
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    20 Gallon Tank Only see two of my three kuhli so far

    Kuhlis are notoriously shy. I'm surprised that the other two come out regularly! Even with lots of hiding places, many of them will spend their days and nights in hiding if they're not in a large group. They tend to have very low bioloads, so you could consider getting another 3 of them. Then...
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