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    Pest Snails

    My snail population was way out of hand. I kept taking them out but then there'd just be explosions of babies. I gave up trying to control them. After a few months I noticed there were fewer snails. Now like 8-9 months after giving up there are just a handful of big ones moving around. So...
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    What is this white patch on my betta fish?

    That iridescence coming through could just be because you're feeding it better or it's generally healthier than it was before (which stands to reason). I think if it were a dangerous growth (I had one die of a growth) it would stick out from its body like a lump, or there would be irregular...
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    What is this white patch on my betta fish?

    Was it not there before? How long have you had the fish? It's not looking like a growth to me.
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    SAE & neocaridina?

    I can't find an answer to this anywhere, but will neocaridina shrimp be safe with a Siamese Algae Eater? I know it would go after a baby, but it also seems like it's beak could do considerable damage to an adult shrimp. Would I be putting shrimp in danger by adding them to a tank with a SAE?
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    Shrimp, cory's, & planaria

    I have planaria in my neocaridina breeding tank, for the 2nd time... Last time, after medication failed to kill them all, I took the shrimp out and put in a SAE, who made short work of the planaria. I think the SAE would also enjoy eating the shrimp though, so I don't want to add him to the new...
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    Puffer & planaria

    Thanks! The planaria don't look too different from blood worms, which my LFS feeds to their puffers. I just don't know if a puffer is going to go looking around at the gravel, picking off anything that moves. I could see some pygmy cory's being better for cruising the bottom looking for...
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    Puffer & planaria

    I have a 5g heavily planted tank I've been breeding my neocaridina in (so I can populate my other tanks). Just noticed it has a planaria outbreak. I've had them kill off my shrimp before. I used de-worming medication on the tank, but it didn't get rid of them all. I kept seeing them until I...
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    Guppies as food source?

    Another way to look at it: depending on the female, you can probably expect about 5 fry / month / female (this is what mine put out). That means you need at least 30 females breeding constantly. So you're probably looking at 30g minimum, and that doesn't include grow out, or males... Sounds...
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    Can I feed outdoor larvae to my indoor fish?

    It's a severe drought where I am, and a pond near me is drying up. The small pools left are teaming with invertebrates. There are these .33" segmented worms floating on the surface, wriggling around. I've heard it's good to feed mosquito larvae to betta fish, and I can't help but think that...
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    Will any "wild type" betta's tolerate hard water?

    I'd really like some Channoides / Albimarginata, but I have pretty hard water and see that they really need soft. Are there any wild type's that are more flexible with that? Has anyone had success keeping them in high TDS water?
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    Help me decide what to put in my 20 long endler tank...

    My female betta, who I just moved to a solo tank and love, was overwhelmed by the school. She tried to establish some territory at first and probably did snack on a few fry, but eventually she just hid on top of some floating plants and was suffering. So I'd rather not risk it with another...
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    Help me decide what to put in my 20 long endler tank...

    Honey gouramis have just never caught my eye. They're dynamic to watch though?
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    Will Duckweed Grow Under Yellow Light?

    I have a "sunlight" yellow LED lamp on a tank and it puts out a fine crop of duckweed.
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    New betta name suggestions???

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    Help me decide what to put in my 20 long endler tank...

    Planted, with male and female endlers. Some are pretty but it's too monotonous for me. I want to add another individual/small group. Here's what I'm thinking... The livebearers populate it a little heavier than I'd like, so I want something that's capable of snatching some fry, but isn't...
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